Executive pay

How passive funds could save shareholder capitalism

There’s an increasing appetite among investors for more effective corporate governance. And passive funds are leading the way. John Stepek explains what’s going on.

Shareholder capitalism needs a reboot

The obscene pay packages pocketed by listed company chief executives demonstrate that shareholder capitalism isn’t working quite as it should. But it can be fixed, says Merryn Somerset Webb.

If we want action on executive pay, we must take it ourselves

As shareholders, we must demand that the cash earned by the firms we own go somewhere better than their executives’ pockets.

Chart of the week: the rise of the 1%

Overpaid chief executives are a recurrent source of controversy in the US, but the pay gap between boss and worker is worse then widely thought.

We need more revolts against CEO pay

There is nothing pro-business about letting a small group of CEOs take far larger rewards than their shareholders or their staff, says Matthew Lynn.

How passive investors could solve the problem of executive pay

Excessive executive pay has been a problem for years, with big shareholders failing to control it. But the rise of passive investing is changing that. John Stepek explains why.

Company managers need to hand back control to shareholders

The systems that enable top executives to take home multimillion-pound paypackets need changing, says Merryn Somerset Webb. Shareholders need to take back control of their companies.

Are soaring CEO salaries a burden on business?

MoneyWeek magazine cover illustration

Executive pay has been rocketing for decades, exciting the envy of wage slaves. But should investors avoid or opt for stocks helmed by well-rewarded executives, asks Richard Beddard.

While most of us struggle with pensions, some lucky workers will do just fine

For the average worker, investing for retirement can be a headache. But employees of the Bank of England don’t have that worry. And, with an £11k a week pension, nor does the CEO of National Grid.

The real unacceptable faces of capitalism

Philip Green might be the man we all love to hate at the moment. But the real villains of capitalism are the well-paid top executives of our big companies.

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