UK economy

Britain shoots for the top spot

England dominates European football. It looks as if it will take home the trophy for economic success, too, says Matthew Lynn.

MPs’ expenses scandal lives on

A decade on from the MPs’ expenses scandal and little has changed.

Farage victory would tip the balance

A Brexit Party win may concentrate minds in parliament and break the stalemate. Emily Hohler reports.

Why I’ve changed my mind about the pension savings lifetime allowance

I used to think the lifetime pension savings allowance was a terrible idea, says Merryn Somerset Webb. I’ve changed my mind on that. But there are some things about the pensions system that I will never agree with.

How to prepare for a Corbyn government

The real risk to your finances is not Brexit, says Merryn Somerset Webb, it’s that the mismanagement of Brexit could lead to a Corbyn government. So how do you prepare? 

The trouble with Scotland's plan to launch its own currency

A Scottish currency makes sense for the nationalists dreaming of independence. But will it work, asks Matthew Lynn.

Britain’s crisis in care for the elderly

A government mired in Brexit has failed yet again to address an increasingly serious social issue. Yet there is an obvious way forward that has worked elsewhere. Simon Wilson reports.

Markets are ignoring Mark Carney – but for once, they shouldn’t

Mark Carney has hinted that interest rates are likely to be higher than the market expects. The market shrugged. But if Brexit is even a little less awful than expected, investors could end up wrong-footed.

Labour defeats a Remainer rebellion

Jeremy Corbyn has faced down a challenge spearheaded by his deputy, Tom Watson, for Labour to signal its backing for a second Brexit referendum.

Britain opens itself up to China

But in the case of its embrace of Huawei’s telecoms gear, is that wise? Emily Hohler reports.

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