UK economy

It looks as though we’re heading for another general election

As MPs continue to wrestle with Brexit, Britain could be heading for its third general election in less than five years. John Stepek looks at how it all affects your money.

Betting on politics: the odds on the date of a general election

Punters are betting that a general election in Britain will happen sooner rather than later. Matthew Partridge looks at the odds.

Boris Johnson's £1bn plan to save the high street

Boris Johnson’s government is splashing the cash on some worthy causes. But will his plan to save the high street work?

The pensions annual allowance debacle spreads beyond the NHS

The annual allowance that has wreaked havoc in the NHS has spread to the armed forces – and is a perfect example of how higher taxes can actually reduce the amount of tax collected.

Fed up with your kids’ school? Home educating might be easier than you think

Dominic Frisby explains how he came to make one of the most important investment decisions of his life – to home-school his son.

Betting on politics: Brexit bets

The eight Brexit-related markets on Betfair have attracted plenty of money, says Matthew Partridge.

Britain is a nation of hustlers

One in four Britons do some extra gigging on top of the day job, says Matthew Lynn. The government should encourage them.

What caused Britain’s blackouts?

More than a million households and businesses were left in the dark and commuters stranded when the lights went out earlier this month. What happened? Simon Wilson reports.

How the success of the Edinburgh Fringe proves that Adam Smith was right

Self-interest was a powerful motivator in making the Edinburgh Fringe Festival the phenomenal success it is today, says Dominic Frisby.

Should we protect national champions?

Ever since the Thatcher era, Britain has been relaxed about the nationality of buyers of its industrial assets. But is that always wise? Alex Rankine reports.

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