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Betting on politics: Labour to win the Newport West by-election

Political betting expert Matthew Partridge sees Newport West sticking with Labour.

The gender pay gap: are women getting paid less than men?

Data on the gender pay gap would suggest that they are. Does that mean sexism is rife in British society? It’s not quite as simple as that, says Simon Wilson.

Chancellor lands a bumper tax haul

Yet the economy remains weak and subject to some “Brexity” trials ahead. Emily Hohler reports.

This Brexit show will run and run

Postponing Article 50 is now back on the list of possibilities. Emily Hohler reports.

Betting on politics: when to sit on your hands

It’s tempting to place bets on big political events, says Matthew Partridge. But sometimes the odds just aren’t good enough.

It looks as though Brexit has been kicked into the long grass

Sterling rose sharply yesterday after forex markets decided we’re likely to get May’s deal or no Brexit at all. John Stepek digests the latest developments and explains what they mean for your money.

Time to break some taboos

A new centrist party could breathe some fresh air into stale debates – and give the economy a boost too.

Betting on politics: the Newport West by-election

The Independent Group is hogging the headlines, says Matthew Partridge. But for punters, the Newport West by-election offers a better bet.

Honda closes factory – is Brexit to blame?

Brexit and global manufacturing trends are proving to be a double whammy for car factory workers in Britain.

Labour does the splits

Seven Labour centrists and Remainers have jumped Corbyn’s far-left Brexit ship. Emily Hohler reports.

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