Donald Trump

Will Trump be good for stocks?

It’s that time of the presidential cycle again: when a new leader takes over, and the financial media produces a flood of articles speculating on his likely impact on stocks.

Trump: he really meant what he said

Does Donald Trump really believe the things he says? Emily Hohler reports.

For better or worse, Trump’s policies are reflationary

Protectionism; lower taxes; huge walls in the desert. Whatever you think of them, there’s no doubt that Donald Trump’s policies are inflationary. And that’s good for stocks – for now.

Markets get an overdue wake-up call on Donald Trump

The “Trump factor” is wearing off, as markets realise that America’s new president might not be Wall Street’s new best friend. John Stepek explains what that means for investors.

Will Trump survive his term?

The chances are Donald Trump will get himself impeached, says Matthew Lynn. But a President Pence could be just what the markets need.

One of Trump’s better ideas

Lost among some of Donald Trump’s more questionable statements was the proposal to scrap the tax deductibility of interest expenses.

The only question that matters for investors on Trump’s inauguration day

Donald Trump is seen as “business friendly”. But that won‘t necessarily mean soaring markets or record returns. For investors, there’s just one thing they need to know, says John Stepek.

The Tories cosying up to Trump

Donald Trump goes on the charm offensive when it comes to dealing with Britain. Matthew Partridge reports.

Can Trump really make America great again?

MoneyWeek magazine cover illustration

The US has a new president unlike any other – what are the implications for investors of The Donald’s dominion? Rupert Foster reports.

Can the Trump rally last?

Donald Trump © Getty Images

Since Donald Trump won the US election, stocks and commodities have roared higher. But, asks Dominic Frisby, is the rally here to stay?

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