Donald Trump

Prepare for another Trump bump in 2020

Donald Trump tosses a hat into the crowd © Drew Angerer/Getty Images

What can we expect if Donald Trump wins again in 2020? These three big changes look likely, says Matthew Lynn.

What happens to markets if Trump gets impeached?

Ineffective and lurching from one crisis to another, Donald Trump is America’s most unpopular president ever. If he were to be impeached, asks John Stepek, would the markets even care?

How much damage will the “Trump tantrum” do to markets?

As the markets realise Donald Trump isn’t cut out to be president, the Trump bump will become a Trump tantrum, says John Stepek. Prepare your portfolio for the “disillusionment trade”.

Trump’s trumpeted tax plan is a dud

Donald Trump’s tax plans, designed to grapple with a tax code of 70,000 pages, amounted to just a one-page briefing.

There’s only one dictator in the US – and it’s not Donald Trump

There is one entity in the US with powers to make markets do whatever it wants. But it’s not the president. It’s the Federal Reserve. John Stepek explains why.

Is Donald Trump extremely crafty or just plain thick? We’re about to find out

Which is the real Donald Trump: master strategist or impulsive idiot? We’ll find out later, says John Stepek, when he outlines his economic agenda to the US Congress.

How likely is a UK-US trade deal?

President Donald Trump has pledged to maintain a trade deal with Britain after Brexit in March 2019. On what terms and is it in Britain’s interests to sign up?

Trump turns away the huddled masses

President Donald Trump last week signed an executive order banning people from seven Muslim-majority countries has caused chaos.

Donald Trump’s energy revolution

The new president has vowed to slash green regulations and promote fossil fuels. But is this anything more than hot air? Simon Wilson reports.

What to buy as Trump pumps

Charlie Morris reveals what investors should be buying to profit from the new era of Donald Trump politics.

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