Commodities hit the skids

Emerging-market jitters have spilled over into the commodities markets, hitting prices of everything from copper to oil, while lower economic growth in emerging markets could cool demand for raw materials.

An introduction to commodities

The commodity markets have seen a surge in investment in recent years – particularly gold, which has hit record highs. Tim Bennett explains what commodity markets are and the different ways to trade in them.


Getting to grips with commodities

Investors looking to diversify their portfolios should turn to commodities, having got to grips with shares and bonds, says Merryn Somerset Webb.

Why the oil price rebound could be the catalyst for a stockmarket crash

The oil price has made a steady recovery since it crashed in 2014. But that could have far reaching consequences for equity markets, says John Stepek.

Commodities make a comeback

Raw-materials prices rose sharply in 2017 – and they have made a strong start to 2018, too.

Chart of the week: cobalt’s rise will level out

Cobalt left other industrial metals “in the dust” in 2017. The price jumped from $30,000 a tonne to $75,000, and has tripled in two years.

The outlook is brightening for gold

With all the hype surrounding bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, people have lost interest in gold. But things are looking up for the world’s favourite metal. Dominic Frisby explains why.

Are we running out of food?

As the world’s population soars, new technologies and changing consumption habits will be key to keeping everyone fed. Alex Rankine reports.

Gold’s lustre may fade

Gold was overshadowed by equities and base metals in 2017, but still rose by around a tenth. This year, however, it may not fare so well.

The charts that matter: the 2017 retrospective

John Stepek casts his eye over the global economy’s most important charts, takes a look at how they’ve fared over the last year, and how they might perform in 2018.

The charts that matter: Yellen bows out with neither bang nor whimper

Janet Yellen ended her reign at the Fed with an interest-rate rise that set no pulses racing, but disappointed nobody either.

The return of gold as real money

Gold is an excellent store of value, but it’s lost its utility as money. But now a London-based fintech startup wants to bring gold into the 21st century. Ben Judge reports.

This trade has been disappointing so far – but hang on for now

Earlier this year, Dominic Frisby noticed platinum was cheap, and piled in. Unfortunately, it remains cheap. But platinum’s time will come again, says Dominic. Here’s why.

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