Big data – the information revolution

The boom in digital data

The capture, storage and analysis of “alternative data” is no longer a nerdy niche. But the explosive growth of the business has a downside, as the Facebook furore showed. Simon [...]

Big data – the information revolution

'Big data' is the collection of vast amounts of information, and the use of powerful computers to make sense of it - and profit from it. It's something that will transform our lives, and something you'll hear a lot about in the next few years. And investors who get in early stand to make big profits.


Big Brother will only get bigger - here’s how to profit from it

The collection of personal data by governments and corporations is only going to increase. But you can profit from ‘Big Data’. John Stepek explains how.

The rise of the smart machines

Machines may not take over the world just yet, say John Stepek and Phil Oakley. But early movers can profit from the new technology revolution. Here’s how.

Share tips: Reliable 'big data' service provider

This market-leading provider of database software rarely disappoints, and looks a great long-term buy, says Paul Hill.

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