Big data – the information revolution

The boom in digital data

The capture, storage and analysis of “alternative data” is no longer a nerdy niche. But the explosive growth of the business has a downside, as the Facebook furore showed. Simon [...]

Big data – the information revolution

'Big data' is the collection of vast amounts of information, and the use of powerful computers to make sense of it - and profit from it. It's something that will transform our lives, and something you'll hear a lot about in the next few years. And investors who get in early stand to make big profits.


Introducing Dr Download – how to profit from wireless medical technology

Need to see a doctor? Or get treatment? Very soon, there’ll be an app for that. Matthew Partridge picks the best ways to profit as medical technology goes wireless.

Walter Price: The future of software is in the cloud

The unstoppable rise of cloud computing and software as a service means the days of the traditional software house are numbered, says a leading tech fund manager.

The stocks to buy in the war for the internet

The internet is increasingly an extension of the battlefields of real life. Matthew Partridge explains how to back the good guys, and tips the best stocks to buy now.

How to make money from talking toothbrushes and cloud computing

The ‘internet of things’ is developing fast. Soon, even your toothbrush will be connected to the cloud. Ed Bowsher looks at some of the best ways for you to profit.

Nine big trends that will change the world

Spotting winners in the tech sector early on is incredibly difficult. But if you know where to look, you have a better chance of getting on board a trend early. Here are nine ‘disruptive technologies’ to keep an eye on.

Buy into 'big data': the biggest upheaval since the industrial revolution

The collection of vast data pools is revolutionising everything from medicine to agriculture, and the firms at the forefront stand to profit, says David Thornton.

Between 1984 and Star Trek

Big data may lead to a sinsiter surveillance state. But a bigger problem will be the amount of spam we’ll be hit with, says John Stepek.

The unassuming entrepreneur who made 'Facebook for geography' cool

Jack Dangermond’s software is used by 350,000 organisations to make sense of ‘big data’, integrating vast troves of information related to specific locations.

How to make big profits from the companies that spy on you

It’s not just governments that spy on you – companies do it too. Matthew Partridge explains how to get your hands on the profits they earn from your data.

America’s security scandal

The biggest intelligence leaks since Watergate have sent shockwaves through the US. But is there anything to worry about? Simon Wilson reports.

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