Beauty secrets of Prince Harry’s girl

Meghan Markle
Meghan Markle: “most things can be cured with yoga, the beach or avocados”

How does Prince Harry’s 35-year-old girlfriend, Meghan Markle, look so fresh-faced? There’s a lot of the usual Hollywood-style stuff, says Antonia Hoyle in the Daily Mail: regular infrared saunas, yoga, six-mile runs, frequent smoothies. As for the absence of laughter lines on her face, part of the credit must go to a “celebrity facialist” called Nichola Joss, who Meghan visits whenever she’s in London.

Joss’s 60-minute Bespoke Sculpting Inner Facial costs £250 and is “beloved by everyone from Kate Moss to Kate Winslet”, says Hoyle. After massaging the outside of your face, she puts on surgical gloves and massages from inside your mouth. According to Meghan: “Nichola massages your face from the inside out (yes, really), sculpting your cheekbones and reshaping your face with targeted movements to lift and brighten.” In general, Meghan says she “lives by the ethos that most things can be cured with either yoga, the beach or a few avocados”.

Will Trump sail the ship of state from Resolute?

An indication of President Trump’s attitude to Britain will come when he decides what to do about the so-called “Resolute desk” in the Oval Office, says Ben Macintyre in The Times. In 1880, at a time of tense relations between Britain and America, Queen Victoria gave President Rutherford B Hayes, as a gesture of good will, a “thumping lump of a desk carved out of the timbers of a famous British ship”.

HMS Resolute was trapped in the Arctic ice during an ill-fated expedition in 1852. Later she was bought and refurbished by the US Congress, and presented to Queen Victoria. It was after she was finally sent to the breaker’s yard that Victoria gave President Hayes his present – made out of the old ship’s timbers.

It’s “frankly hideous”, says Macintyre – not something you’d want in your sitting room. And presidents have blown hot and cold about it. Kennedy liked it, while the tall Lyndon Johnson couldn’t fit his knees underneath and banished it. Carter and Reagan both used it, though not George Bush Snr. Clinton, however, brought it back. Trump is already busy rearranging the Oval Office ornaments and says he will restore the Jacob Epstein bust of Churchill, removed in 2009 by Barack Obama in favour of Martin Luther King. Will he keep the desk? We must wait and see.

Colourful career of an indomitable journalist

The indomitable Clare Hollingworth has finally given in to mortality at 105. After breaking the news of the outbreak of World War II, she got into plenty of scrapes during her long, colourful career as a journalist.

In The Sunday Times, James MacManus described how she re-entered Romania illegally in 1940 after being expelled. When she heard jackboots on the stairs she knew the thugs of Romania’s Iron Guard would not treat her kindly. With typical presence of mind, she stripped off her clothes and put on a dressing gown. When the door was broken down, says MacManus, she threw open her gown and shouted: “Will you give a lady time to dress?” The thugs retreated down the corridor and Clare phoned the British embassy – a call which almost certainly saved her life.

Tabloid money… the hypocritical, self-righteous fury of our luvvies

• Jeremy Clarkson in The Sun takes his hat off to BBC’s coverage of the Tube strike. “God knows how they managed it, but while out on the streets, canvassing opinion, they managed to find loads of people standing in the rain, in mile-long bus queues, and all of them were happy to say: ‘I support the strikers’.” Clarkson did his own canvassing, where he also found everyone had plenty to say. But contrary to the BBC’s findings, “mostly these things involved some swearing and a lot of dreaming out loud about cattle prods and sacking the bloody lot of them because they’re all paid £40,000 a year”.

• “Billionaire lying racist sexual predator Donald Trump may well be a Manchurian Candidate”, says Kevin Maguire in the Daily Mirror. But not one controlled by the Russians. Rather the infiltration is “the global super-rich getting one of their own into the White House… The backlash when tricked Americans realise the country’s 113th wealthiest citizen… isn’t on their side will be brutal, ferocious and terrifying.”

• “Luvvies, don’t you just love ‘em,” asks Richard Littlejohn in the Daily Mail. Their “self-righteous fury” centres on claims that Russia helped get Trump elected by hacking Hillary Clinton’s emails and spreading fake news. “So you’d think they would run a mile to avoid any association with the Evil Empire. Er, not when there’s a drink in it for them.” Pop star Mariah Carey is reported to have been paid £2.5m, and Elton John a “measly” £1m, to sing at the wedding of Irene Kogan, the 19-year-old granddaughter of Russian oligarch Valery Kogan, who is a close friend of Vladimir Putin. “So no conflict of interest there, then.”