Aston’s gorgeous drop-top

It might look the same as the car you’re familiar with, but the tweaks to this new Aston Martin Vanquish Volante make it much more of a driver’s car, says Andrew English in The Daily Telegraph.

The new model gets a brand-new ZF eight-speed auto transmission and a new Bosch engine management system. The engine gains another three horsepower, and has improved fuel economy and performance. The car now takes just four seconds to sprint from rest to 62mph and the top speed is 197mph.

“The outgoing Vanquish was a lovely thing, but it needed a bit more of an edge, which Aston has provided with this revised car. There’s a new fizz and aggression that ensures it feels really up for it… [combining] the footprint of a Jaguar with the overtaking power of a motorbike.” The Vanquish is “still a rather lovely if expensive ride into old age”.

In some ways the car is showing its age and the price tag puts it up against some stiff competition, says Ben Pulman in Car magazine. Yet Aston’s “always found a way to work with what it’s got, and this gorgeous and great sounding car is proof of that”. It epitomises everything we love about Astons.

Price: from £204,995
Engine: 5,935cc V12 petrol
Power: 568bhp at 6,650rpm
Torque: 465lb ft at 5,500rpm
Top speed: 197mph
0-62mph: 4.0 seconds
Fuel economy: 22.1mpg (EU Combined)
Carbon: 298g/km