An utterly mad shopping trolley

Severn Valley Motorsport specialises in tuning cars to turn them into high-performance monsters. The people who work there may well be the only people on earth who could look at a Nissan Qashqai and decide it needs 1,000 horsepower, says Nick Hall in AutoExpress. But they did, and their Qashqai R is the result: it’s an “almighty statement”.

All rational thoughts about value for money, why they did it in the first place and whether the world really needs a super SUV like this go out the window when you plant your foot.

The performance is enough to give the Bugatti Veyron a run for its money, from a car that normally drives to the shops. “Homebrews like this often handle like broken shopping trolleys”, but the car is “surprisingly well sorted, too. What’s not to love?”

A Nissan shopping trolley that will out-accelerate a McLaren P1 and top out at over 200mph? Why? Well, why the hell not, says Top Gear. It’ll cover a quarter mile in just 9.9 seconds at 144mph. “That’s mad. Actually, certifiably mad.” But “Top Gear is happy things like this exist in the world”.

If you’re after a car that is as happy on a drag strip as on the school run, and you have deep pockets, this is the car for you. Sadly, the two that were made are probably sold by the time you read this.

Contact the tuners if this is the kind of project you’d like to pursue for yourself (see

Price: £275,000
Engine: 4.1-litre, V6, twin turbo
Power: 1,150bhp (running on ethanol)
Top speed: 210mph+
0-62mph: 2.7 seconds (estimated)