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Alternative finance is the 21st century internet alternative to traditional banks. It includes peer to peer (P2P) lending and crowdfunding. There are plenty of opportunities for smart investors to profit. And while it may carry more risk than some other forms of investing, the potential returns are huge.

There are many different platforms to choose from when deciding where to put your money. Find out which best suits your investment style with our Funding Centre comparison tool.

Innovative Finance Isas available to invest in now

Innovative Finance Isas have been around since April 2016, but are only now becoming widely available. Here, we present a comprehensive list of IFIsas available to invest in now.

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Equity crowdfunding: be an angel and back the next Facebook

Ed Bowsher has been using equity-crowdfunding platforms to invest in small businesses and start-ups since 2012. Here’s what he’s learned so far.

Two promising alternative property assets with tasty yields

Peer-to-peer lenders are waking up to the potential of providing finance for social housing. David Stevenson explores two new offerings.

When it comes to investing, you are your own worst enemy

Exo Investing can help you eliminate the natural behavioural biases that are deeply ingrained in the human brain, and which can cost you dear when making investment decisions.

Become a DIY biotech venture capitalist

A new equity crowdfunding platform wants to become the go-to place for investors in early-stage life science companies.

Three apps to save you money

Apps on your mobile phone can help you salt away cash and manage your finances. But these tools may be less useful than they seem, says Ruth Jackson.

Property crowdfunding: should you become a virtual landlord?

Property crowdfunding – including buy-to-let, P2P and debt crowdfunding – is a popular way to buy into bricks and mortar. But think carefully before putting your money in.

How Exo is using technology to democratise investment

Robo-adviser Exo merges technology, investing and risk control to make individualised investing accessible for all.

The robot revolution gathers pace

A new wave of robo-advisers has entered the digital wealth-management market, but investors should still demand more choices and lower fees.

Introducing Exo: your investment co-pilot

Exo is a “robo-adviser” investment service that offers personalised portfolio management and the sophisticated tools that go with it, minus the expense.

A new challenge for business banking

Challenger banks have been disrupting personal banking for a while. Now they’ve got their sights set on business accounts.

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