Apple’s smartwatch is better than ever

The Apple Watch Series 5 improves on previous models and remains the best buy, says Nicole Garcia Merida.

Apple Watch Series 5

The latest iteration of the Apple Watch, the Series 5, continues its domination of the smartwatch market, says Samuel Gibbs in The Guardian. It only works if paired with an iPhone 6s or a more recent model, but that doesn't take away from the extraordinary qualities of this watch it's expected to outsell all Swiss watchmakers this year. The most important change is that the screen now stays on all the time, a welcome change that won't affect the 18-hour battery life. "Simply put, the Apple Watch is the best smartwatch you can buy right now."

The watch boasts a bigger display screen than older versions and it's available in sizes of 40mm or 44mm, and models made of aluminium (starting at £399), stainless steel (£699), titanium (£799), ceramic (£1,299) and a designer Herms edition (£1,249). Paired with the Sport Loop strap, Gibbs notes, the Apple Watch becomes one of the most comfortable time pieces out there and beats some of the "very best that Swiss watchmakers have to offer".

Another feature that has reviewers waxing lyrical is the built-in compass. "The compass combines with an updated Maps app so you can see which way you are facing, so in turn you can see which way you should be heading," as Jeremy White puts it in Wired. This added feature will be even more useful when hiking or running, but it also means there is no longer a need to "wander around trying to get your bearings".

A great health tracker too

The Series 5 of the Apple Watch has been acclaimed by reviewers far and wide, making it a solid buy. Jeff Parsons in Metro sums it up nicely: "it improves on what was already a fantastic product, offering the right balance of connectivity, fitness and fashion".


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