The Price Report

Investing during uncertainty

As investors, we are making what can ultimately only ever be probabilistic choices in a highly uncertain world. There is very little, if anything, we can properly take for granted.

It isn’t rocket surgery

Whether you’re a value investor or a trend-following trader, sound investment principles aren’t difficult to understand – just difficult to implement.

TPR #224: Getting the story right

It’s impossible to follow the investment markets without coming across narratives. The problem is that most narratives reported by the financial media are false.

TPR #222: When bad performance is good news

The returns from stockmarkets are often overstated. Even the US market, one of the best performing stockmarkets of the last century, has suffered from long periods in the doldrums.

TPR #221: When small is beautiful

There are two components to the return from listed shares. Dividend income is one. Share price growth is the other. Over the last century, the annualised real return from owning UK shares has been approximately 5%. Probably a little over half of that return has come from compounding dividend income – so if your share portfolio doesn’t yield anything, you are probably fighting a losing battle.