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Will deregulation lead to the next Asian trade boom?

Shanghai Stock Exchange © Getty images

China and Hong Kong have always been poles apart when it came to investing. Lars Henriksson explains how that could all be about to change.

How you could profit from Latin America's energy crisis

Latin American pylons © Getty images

Demand for power in Latin America is soaring. James McKeigue looks at how to invest as the continent upgrades its energy infrastructure.

The 'beer indicator' says China is totally overpriced

Tsingtao beer © Getty images

China’s stock market is unloved by investors, says Lars Henriksson. But the ‘beer indicator’ could tell you when it’s time to buy again.

The biggest energy opportunity since the collapse of the USSR


Mexico’s massive oil and gas reserves are largely untapped, reports James McKeigue. The potential for investors to profit is huge.

The epic battle to control the Asian consumer market

Sunsilk stall, Indonesia © Getty images

The race is on to capture the fabled high-spending Asian consumer. Lars Henriksson looks at the best ways to pick the winners.

The bridge that kicked off a 500% property boom

Penang Bridge, Malaysia © Getty Images

Malaysia’s new Penang Bridge is just one example of Asia’s infrastructure boom that could earn investors outsized profits, says Lars Henriksson.

Venezuela is cracking up – should LatAm investors worry?

Venezuelan protester with tape over his mouth © Getty images

The violence in Venezuela is a sobering reminder of the risks investors face in Latin America, says James McKeigue.

Investors are fleeing China - is it time to buy?

Three investors watching stock screens in China © Getty images

Market sentiment towards China is at rock bottom. But as Lars Henriksson explains, that could make for an interesting short-term trade.

Why planeloads of British bigwigs are flying to Mexico

Nick Clegg in Mexico © Getty images

Britain is starting to take Latin America seriously. And that should open up a lot more options for investors. James McKeigue picks the firms best-placed to take advantage.

China is expanding its armed forces – investors, pay attention

Chinese soldiers © Getty Images

China is dramatically increasing spending on its armed forces. That opens up plenty of opportunities for investors, says Lars Henriksson.

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