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Colombia’s peace deal is great news for investors

Juan Manuel Santos shaking hands with Timoleon Jimenez © Getty images

A peace deal to end decades of fighting is the latest sign of Colombia’s bright future, says James McKeigue. And it’s one more reason to invest in the country.

Latin American aviation stocks are about to take off

LatAm Airlines - TAM plane at Rio Airport © Getty Images

The Latin American travel market has been undergoing a shake-up that could make handy profits for UK investors. James McKeigue picks the best ways to buy in.

Why I’m not afraid of China’s slowdown affecting Latin America

Street in Lima © Getty images

China’s slowdown has got investors in commodity-rich Latin America running for the hills. But that, as James McKeigue explains, is a costly mistake.

Brazil hurtles towards its worst recession in 25 years – but I’m still buying

Anti-government protest in Brazil © Getty images

Anti-government protests are the latest in a long line of crises. But as James McKeigue explains, clever investors can still make money in Brazil.

Three reasons Latin America will be the next global breadbasket


For a long time, agriculture in Latin America focused on a few key cash crops. Now, the industry is diversifying – and profiting. James McKeigue explains what’s going on.

Three reasons to invest in the new cornerstone of Asian trade

Logistics - container l orry in China © Getty Images

Asia’s retail market is transforming, and with it the continent’s logistics business. Astute investors should get exposure, says Lars Henriksson.

Investors shouldn't be worried about Mexico’s week from hell

Mexico's president, Enrique Peña Nieto © Getty Images

It’s been a bad week for Mexico, with escaped narco-criminals and a failed auction of offshore oil rights. But there’s still plenty of cause for hope, says James McKeigue.

One interesting way to play China


China’s stockmarkets have been under severe pressure recently. But Lars Henriksson thinks he’s found an interesting way to play them.

Our Cuba fund is off to a great start – but I think the best is yet to come

Cuba is opening up to American companies. That’s great news for the fund James McKeigue tipped six months ago.

Now could be a great time to invest in Asian cinemas

It won’t be long before the cinema market in China is worth more than in the USA, says Lars Henriksson. Here, he looks at the companies set to profit from the growth of Asia’s appetite for Hollywood blockbusters.

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