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Now could be a great time to invest in Asian cinemas

Asian cinema posters © Getty Images

It won’t be long before the cinema market in China is worth more than in the USA, says Lars Henriksson. Here, he looks at the companies set to profit from the growth of Asia’s appetite for Hollywood blockbusters.

There are protests across Latin America, but I’m still bullish on the market

Protesters in Guatemala © Getty Images

There have been large-scale protests across Latin America, from Mexico, to Chile and Brazil. But there’s no need for investors to worry. James McKeigue explains why.

If China joins the MSCI emerging markets index, we could make a lot of money

Chinese stocks display board © Getty Images

MSCI has declined to include Chinese A-shares in its flagship emerging-market index. But when it does – and it will – investors stand to win big, says Lars Henriksson.

Why China’s 3,000-mile Latin American railway is great news for investors

Goods train in Latin America © Getty Images

China is investing heavily in Latin American infrastructure. That’s great news for investors, says James McKeigue.

China is upping its military spending – this company could benefit hugely

Chinese fight jet on display © Getty images

China’s increased military spending will help to boost its economy. Lars Henriksson explains why, and tips one defence stock to benefit.

We made a fortune with Cresud – let’s double up on Latin American agriculture

Agricultural workers, Brazil © Getty images

Now is still a great time to plough your money into Latin American agriculture. James McKeigue explains why, and tips one stock set to profit.

Emerging markets are clamouring for broadband – don’t miss out


Emerging markets are in desperate need of new high-speed internet connections. And this Indonesian broadband provider could be well-placed to profit, says Lars Henriksson.

Central America offers a huge opportunity to brave investors

Panama City © Getty images

Investment capital is flooding in and transforming Central America for the better. James McKeigue reveals the best ways to profit.

Asia’s healthcare boom will have four big winners

Laboratory technicians in Asia © Getty images

Healthcare is an exciting growth sector across Asia, says Lars Henriksson. And the future lies in the companies that are most able to adapt to specific needs.

Obama’s Americas summit is good for our investments

Barack Obama’s meeting with Raúl Castro © Getty images

The recent historic Summit of the Americas is great news for long-term investors in Latin America. James McKeigue explains why.

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