The MoneyWeek Christmas quiz

This was a year of yet more eurozone bail-outs and the death of such iconic figures as Margaret Thatcher and Nelson Mandela – but just how much of it can you remember? Here are 59 questions to test your knowledge. Subscribers can find the answers here.


1. Which country became the fifth in the eurozone to be bailed out in March?

2. The US economy grew by 3% overnight in April. How?

3. Which staple did Venezuela run out of in May?

4. The US Federal Reserve invented a new jargon term that sent investors fleeing from emerging markets in the summer. What was it?

5. Which American city filed for bankruptcy in July?

6. Chancellor George Osborne ridiculed Ed Miliband for proposing to introduce price fixing in which industry? He then introduced price fixing himself – for which industry?

7. Which country’s voters rejected a proposal to cap executive pay at 12 times that of lowest-paid staff?

8. US oil production hit a new high this year – when was it last at these levels?

9. The World Trade Organisation did what for the first time ever this year?

10. Why did investors snap up the stocks of Chinese baby-milk producers and piano manufacturers in November?

11. Even if Scotland votes for independence next year, Britain will still dictate economic policy in two key ways. How?

12. The Nobel Prize for Economics was awarded to both Robert Shiller and Eugene Fama this year. The award was somewhat ironic – why?


1. What was the best-performing stock in the FTSE 100 index this year (of those in the index for the whole of 2013)?

2. What was the best-performing European equity market in 2013? And what was the worst?

3. What was the best-performing market in the world? And the worst?

4. Which currency has performed best against the pound this year?

5. What was significant about the price of bitcoin in November?

6. SolarCity and Tesla Motors were two of the ‘hottest’ US stocks of the year. What do they have in common?

7. Which trophy (or ‘alternative’) asset type has provided the best returns over the past decade?

8. Which New York landmark was listed on the New York stock exchange in October?

9. This autumn, two very different companies in the communications business went public on opposite sides of the Atlantic. What were they?

10. What happened to gold for the first time this year since 2000?

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1. In January, insurer AIG considered suing the US government. It withdrew amid a public outcry. Why was it suing?

2. Which company, famous for its sauces and beans, was bought by Warren Buffett for $28bn in February?

3. The shares of which company went off the rails after it bungled its bid for the West Coast Mainline?

4. Supermarkets recovered remarkably quickly from a scandal that left British consumers with a nasty taste in their mouths this year. What was it?

5. In April, which luxury notebook maker became the first company to list on the Milan stock exchange for over a year?

6. In June, leaked tapes revealed that executives had misled their government about their company’s financial state in September 2008 in the hope of securing a bail-out. Which company was it?

7. What did the airline and book-publishing sectors have in common this year?

8. In July, shares in social-media giant Facebook finally achieved which significant milestone?

9. Having made driverless cars a reality and designed internet-enabled glasses, what problem did Google announce it was tackling next?

10. The demise of which high-street retailer brought about much navel-gazing on the evolution of men’s fashion?

11. In November, DVD rental chain Blockbuster shut down in the US. What was the name of the last film it rented out?

12. Which company hopes to use drones to make home deliveries within five years?

13. In January, Monte dei Paschi di Siena, the world’s oldest bank, founded in 1472, need a bail-out to survive. How much did it get?

14. Which bank returned to the UK high street as an independent entity this year after an 18-year absence?


1. Which former US presidential candidate sold his TV station in January to Al Jazeera for half a billion dollars?

2. Which former soap star and singer was declared bankrupt in February, reportedly owing the Inland Revenue nearly £150,000?

3. US tyre tycoon Maurice Taylor accused the workers of which country of putting in only three hours a day?

4. Margaret Thatcher, Hugo Chavez and Nelson Mandela all dominated the front pages when they died this year. Which former world leader, who served as prime minister of his country nine times, also died this year?

5. Which former M&S boss helped to turn around struggling internet grocery group Ocado?

6. Who will appear on the £10 note from 2017, following complaints about the lack of women (other than the Queen) on Britain’s currency?

7. Which tennis star considered changing her name to promote her line of sweets?

8. Rosalía Mera, the world’s wealthiest self-made woman, died in August. Which company did she found?

9. Twenty-three-year-old Evan Spiegel shocked the tech world this year. Why?

10. To the relief of many, which controversial politician and media tycoon bowed out of frontline Italian politics?

11. The head of which financial organisation earned himself the nickname ‘the crystal methodist’?

12. Twenty-six-year-old high-school dropout David Karp made $200m in May. How?

How much?

1. In January golfer Rory McIlroy signed a five-year sponsorship deal with Nike. How much was it reportedly worth? a) £15m b) £75m c) £150m.

2. Which computer game, released in September, set a record of more than $800m in sales on its first day of release?

3. In March, global sales of which product grew for the first time since 1998, reaching a value of $16.5bn?

4. In April a phaser prop used by Captain Kirk in the original Star Trek series sold for how much at auction? a) £151,000 b) £256,000 c) £1.12m.

5. In July, who was estimated to have boosted the British economy by £240m?

6. In September, a painting bought as part of a job lot at an auction for £30 was proved to be an original by John Constable. How much was it valued at? a) £150,000 b) £5m c) £1m.

7. What did Liverpool and the town of Gary, Indiana, each sell for just one pound/dollar this year?

8. In January, the US government rejected a public petition to build an unusual infrastructure project, saying it would cost $850 quadrillion. What was the object?

9. Last month, a damaged lead statuette sold at auction for more than $4m. What was it?

10. How much did cocoa trader Anthony Ward – ‘Chocfinger’ – sell his London-based commodity-trading business for this month?

11. What hit a record level of £472m this year?

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