A dismissive take on immigration

Cover of Strange Death of EuropeStrange Death of Europe
by Douglas Murray
Published by Bloomsbury, £18.99
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There are two books lurking between the covers of this one, says Clive Davis in The Times. The first is a cogent and persuasive summary of how, over three decades or more, elites across western Europe turned a blind eye to the failures of integration and the rise of Islamism.

Sadly, the second is a diatribe about mass immigration and our continent’s alleged death wish “which is so lurid it reads like a Breitbart editorial”. Murray’s framing of post-war immigration is “relentlessly negative”, linking migrants to “criminality and social tensions”. Overall, “there is a lofty, dismissive tone to his view of ethnic minorities that evokes a Peterhouse don sweeping aside the great unwashed while sipping a good port”.

If Europe is in mortal danger, Murray has few concrete suggestions for what to do about it, says Gaby Hinsliff in The Guardian. He proposes “tougher curbs on immigration and suggests refugees should be given only temporary refuge and be sent home when it’s safe” – although, to his credit, he agrees that Europe is “probably doing the only thing that a civilised people can do in rescuing such people, welcoming them and trying to give them safety”.

  • sayajp

    We cannot fix dysfunctional Africa or the Middle East by inviting it into Europe, it won’t work – except in the minds of luvvies, lefties, liberals and the BBC. For do-gooders like Bono and Geldof, earning brownie points from their fawning fan base, the guilty Glastonbury white middle classes and their ghastly off-spring, throwing other people’s money at problems is a dangerous ritual. The population explosion of Africa and the Middle East is UTTERLY unsustainable. How about a novel new approach? Tell the parents of huge families ‘DON’T have them if you can’t feed them’.

    • John Anthony

      I’m just reading the book now. Sayajp addresses the most salient point which the reviewer fails to do, as does the liberal commentariat in general: the population explosion of Africa and the Middle East. In these cultures a man’s status is enhanced by the size of his family. Individually focussed, they do not make the connection between high birth rates and poverty, famine and tribal conflict. A couple of weeks ago the BBC reported the survival of an East African woman, Somali I think, and only one daughter from her family of nine. Reports like these endeavour to generate sympathy, action and aid from the West but never address the root cause. No amount of ‘Feed the World’ will ever succeed long term and allowing their mass migration here endangers Europe itself. The liberal media’s evasion of the population issue is pathetic. I have listened in frustration to one-sided BBC programs criticising China’s previous one-child policy, probably the only nation on Earth capable of carrying out such a difficult policy, without ever addressing the alternative: a burgeoning population and endemic poverty.