Push for profits

Invest with the activists to earn higher returns, says Matthew Partridge

Markets: interest rate cut boosts FTSE 100

The FTSE 100 saw a sharp rise yesterday after the Bank of England cut interest rates to 0.25% and extended its quantitative easing programme. The index closed up 1.6% at 6,740.

The depression you've probably never heard of

The 1920/21 depression was a whopper, with US stocks falling by almost 50%. But now, it’s all but forgotten. John Stepek asks what we can learn from it.

Could seven be an unlucky number for investors?

There’s a theory that years ending in a seven are bad for the stockmarket. Is there anything in it? Dominic Frisby delves into the dubious world of numerology.

Join the investors returning to Brazil

Brazil’s economy is picking up, the political backdrop is improving and investors are returning. Max King picks the best ways to buy in.

The walking wounded of the FTSE

Britain’s benchmark index has been awash with profit warnings of late. John Stepek looks at what’s going on.

Bill Nygren: The bull has further to run

Oakmark Select’s Bill Nygren agrees that US stocks are expensive – but not overvalued.

Emerging world has further to go

Investors hungry for returns are heading for emerging markets, says Andrew Van Sickle.

Stocks slip – but will they keep sliding?

American stocks have taken a tumble, but the global bull market has further to run, says Andrew Van Sickle.

Markets aren't pricing in a political panic

Ray Dalio, the world’s top hedge fund manager, is reining in his horns, says John Stepek. Not because of the markets – but because of politics.

The charts that matter suggest that investors are nervous

John Stepek explains why the gold price spiked up last week, and catches up with the action in the other markets.

US stocks may be more overvalued than they’ve ever been before

It’s no secret that US stocks have been expensive for quite some time, says John Stepek. But even so, few investors realise quite how eye-wateringly expensive they’ve become.

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