MoneyWeek TV

MoneyWeek TV: When will interest rates rise?

MoneyWeek TV

Merryn Somerset Webb and John Stepek discuss when interest rates will rise, and what it will mean for you. And they’re joined in the studio by fund manager George Godber, who gives his take on where investors can still find value in today’s inflated markets.

MoneyWeek TV: Inflation, emerging markets, and protecting your wealth

MoneyWeek TV

Merryn Somerset Webb and John Stepek discuss inflation, wages, and emerging markets. And Guy Fraser-Sampson, senior fellow at Cass Business School and author of The Mess We’re In, gives his view on the markets, and how retail investors can protect themselves in periods of uncertainty.

MoneyWeek TV: Turbulent times for the markets

MoneyWeek TV

Merryn Somerset Webb and John Stepek look at what’s been a turbulent couple of weeks for the markets. Plus they are joined in the studio by Marcus Ashworth of Espirito Santo Investment Bank to discuss fixed income.

MoneyWeek TV: Have central bankers lost control?

MoneyWeek TV

Merryn Somerset Webb and John Stepek are joined in the studio by bestselling author David Stockman to discuss the disaster that is central-bank money-printing, and how investors can protect themselves.

MoneyWeek TV: The cheapest places to invest

MoneyWeek TV

Merryn Somerset Webb talks to John Stepek about where in the world investors can still find value. Plus: should Britain leave the EU? Matthew Lynn explains why it may not matter either way.

MoneyWeek TV: What's in store for house prices?

MoneyWeek TV

This week, Merryn Somerset Webb and John Stepek explore the reasons behind Britain’s stubbornly high house prices. And 2013 sees the average baby boomer turn 55. International eChem chairman Paul Hodges explains why this anniversary is significant for investors.

MoneyWeek TV: Losing faith in currency

MoneyWeek TV

Merryn Somerset Webb and John Stepek discuss faith in money, including the rise of the digital currency, bitcoin, and the future for gold. And SMBC Nikko’s Jonanthan Allum explains the recent surge in Japanese stocks.

MoneyWeek TV: Can investors protect their money?

MoneyWeek TV 2 April 2013

This week, Merryn Somerset Webb talks to John Stepek and Matthew Lynn about what Cyprus’s chaotic bail-out means for investors. And MoneyWeek heads out onto the street to find out how much you think you need for your retirement – with surprising results.

MoneyWeek TV: Where to put your Isa money

MoneyWeek TV 15 March 2013

In this week’s edition of MoneyWeek TV, Merryn Somerset Webb and John Stepek talk about where they’re putting this year’s Isa allocation; Tim Bennett explains why you might want to look at preference shares; and Tim Price talks gold.

MoneyWeek TV: What bond markets are telling us

MoneyWeek TV 13 March 2013

Merryn Somerset Webb discusses with MoneyWeek regular James Ferguson what the recent surge in US Treasury yields tells us about investors’ fears.


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