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Latest Money Morning articles

Is this the end of the “Greenspan put” era?

Janet Yellen © Getty Images

Janet Yellen is talking tough. Interest rates will rise this year, she says. So, asks John Stepek, is this really the end for the Fed’s loose monetary policy?

The tug-of-war in the oil market is about to start up again

Shale oil rigs Getty Images

With Opec sticking to its cut in production, the oil price is hovering around $50 a barrel. But Donald Trump could easily change that, says John Stepek.

The idea that there’s a bubble in passive investment is nonsense

London Stock Exchange © Getty images

There has been a lot of media coverage recently on how passive investment is in a bubble. Don’t believe a word of it, says John Stepek. Here’s why.

How a French revolution could trigger the next global financial crisis

Marine Le Pen © Getty Images

If Marine Le Pen becomes French president, we could see the world’s largest-ever sovereign default, and a new financial crisis, says John Stepek.

In MoneyWeek this week: taming the investment jungle

MoneyWeek magazine cover image

This week in MoneyWeek: how to survive in the jungle of high inflation and high growth; sage advice for cohabiting lovers; and the rise of the robo-adviser.

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the Aegean

Alexis Tsipras, Prime Minister of Greece © Getty Images

Greece is back in the headlines with the same old problem: too much debt and no hope of ever paying it off. John Stepek looks at what happens next.

What’s next for the US dollar?

Us dollar bills © Getty Images

A potential peak in industrial metals prices could mean the US dollar is set to go higher. But nothing is certain, says Dominic Frisby. Here’s how he’s playing it.

This year’s French election turmoil could be a cracking buying opportunity

Marine Le Pen © Getty Images

People are waking up to the idea that Marine Le Pen could win the French election. If she does, it would create a great buying opportunity for investors.

The best way to play the commodities boom

A new exchange-traded fund that tracks commodity prices has become Europe’s fastest-selling ETF ever. But it’s not the best way to invest in commodities, says John Stepek.

Don’t bet on interest rates rising this year

Mark Carney © Getty Images

The Bank of England was wrong about Brexit. But don’t expect a change in policy, says John Stepek. It’s unlikely to raise interest rates for years.

In MoneyWeek this week: our favourite investment

MoneyWeek magazine cover image

This week in MoneyWeek magazine: investment trusts – why we like them, why you should use them, and which ones to buy.

The weak dollar policy is back with a vengeance

Janet Yellen © Getty Images

The US economy is strong – plenty of jobs, booming manufacturing and rising inflation. John Stepek explains how to play the reflation trade.

The best precious metal to buy right now

Gold and platinum bars © Getty images

Over the next five years, this precious metal is set to outshine all others – even gold. Dominic Frisby explains why you should buy palladium.

How to cope with incredibly noisy markets

Protests against Donald Trump © Getty Images

Donald Trump and the reaction to him are making headlines around the world – and making waves in the financial markets. John Stepek explains how to deal with it all.

Yet another reason to like investment trusts – transparency

Stock indices © Getty Images

Looking to invest with an active fund manager? Here’s yet another reason to look at investment trusts before you do anything else. John Stepek reports.

What investors can learn from Britain’s surprisingly strong economic growth

UK economy - crowds on Oxford Street © Getty Images

Since the EU referendum, Britain’s economy has defied the sceptics and gone from strength to strength. John Stepek explains why, and what investors can learn.

This week in MoneyWeek: how to profit from graphene

MoneyWeek magazine cover illustration

In this week’s MoneyWeek magazine: how to profit from the latest miracle material; the 13 stocks to buy now; and how to invest in small companies.

For better or worse, Trump’s policies are reflationary

Donald Trump © Getty Images

Protectionism; lower taxes; huge walls in the desert. Whatever you think of them, there’s no doubt that Donald Trump’s policies are inflationary. And that’s good for stocks – for now.

I’m not wildly excited about gold in 2017 – but I just can’t be bearish

Gold coins © Getty Images

The weak pound made 2016 a bonanza year for UK gold investors. But gold takes its cues from the US dollar. Dominic Frisby looks at where things might go next.

Markets get an overdue wake-up call on Donald Trump

The “Trump factor” is wearing off, as markets realise that America’s new president might not be Wall Street’s new best friend. John Stepek explains what that means for investors.

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