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Latest Money Morning articles

US workers rejoice! US shareholders – maybe not so much

US unemployment has fallen to its lowest level since the financial crisis. That means higher wages are on their way. But that’s not good news for everyone, says John Stepek.

We’ve already passed peak populism

The tide of populism that swept the world is ebbing away, says Dominic Frisby. Here, he explains why we’ve hit “peak populism”, and what that could mean for investors.

How investors are squandering the benefits of passive funds

Traders on the phone © Getty Images

Many investors hope to beat the market by trading in and out of index funds and ETFs. But that’s a bad idea. Passive investing should be just that: passive.

What Macron’s victory means for markets

France has chosen Emmanuel Macron as its next president. But we’re unlikely to see much of a relief rally in the markets. John Stepek explains why.

Are we near a turning point in silver’s relentless decline?

Silver coins © Getty Images

The silver price has been in steady decline for some time. But for Dominic Frisby, the investment case remains compelling. Here, he explains why there’s still hope for silver investors.

This week in MoneyWeek: Should you invest in India?

Narendra Modi illiustration

In MoneyWeek this week: the pros and cons of investing in India; why you should set up an investment club; and can you really spot a bubble before it pops?

Why are US stocks so expensive, and how long can it last?

US stocks board © Getty Images

US stocks have been unusually expensive for about 20 years. John Stepek examines why, and asks if they’ll ever revert to their former valuations.

Bitcoin’s bull market goes on and on – don’t miss it

Bitcoin © Getty Images

Bitcoin has hit a record high against the dollar. And it’s not finished yet. Dominic Frisby explains its real potential, and why it’s got a lot further to go.

Brace yourself for another panic over China

Supermarket in China © Getty Images

Markets are getting worried about China’s massive levels of debt. No matter how it’s resolved, there’s going to be pain for everyone, says John Stepek.

Is Canada’s house-price bubble finally about to pop?

House for sale in toronto, Canada © Getty Images

Canada is in the middle of a massive house price bubble that could be about to burst. John Stepek looks at what’s going on, and how it could affect you.

This week in MoneyWeek: the stocks that can grow for decades

MoneyWeek magazine covers illustration

In this week’s MoneyWeek magazine: five FTSE “aristocrats” to buy now; where money really does grow on trees; and the algorithms undermining democracy.

As Trump-mania wanes, expect Macron fever to take its place

Emmanuel Macron © Getty Images

Donald Tump may not be quite as good for stocks as investors had hoped. But don’t despair, says John Stepek. There’s a new leader to get excited about: Emmanuel Macron.

The darkening shadows over the UK commercial property market

Office block to let © Getty Images

Commercial property investors are getting increasingly worried about the market – just as local councils pile in. It’s a recipe for disaster, says John Stepek.

Don’t bet on oil prices getting back above $70 a barrel

Shale oil rig © Getty Images

Despite the efforts of Opec and Russia, the price of a barrel of oil remains depressed. And it’s unlikely to climb much any time soon. John Stepek explains why.

Panic over – for now

The French election has thrown up few surprises, with the progressive centrist candidate Emmanuel Macron likely to win. John Stepek looks at what this means for your money.

The UK election is about far more than just Brexit

Most of the talk about the election is of what the result will mean for Brexit. But there’s much more for voters to worry about than that, says John Stepek.

This week in MoneyWeek: Buy British

MoneyWeek cover illustration - buy British

In MoneyWeek magazine this week: it’s time to buy British stocks; how to choose a “robo adviser”, and would a universal basic income work?

Fund managers hate US stocks – so when’s the bounce coming?

A survey of fund managers finds most of them think US stocks are overvalued. They are certainly expensive, says John Stepek. But it’s hard to argue they’re in a bubble.

What the snap general election means for the pound

When Theresa May called the snap general election, the pound rallied sharply. Dominic Frisby looks at where sterling might go in the long term.

Here’s why a market panic could erupt next Monday

Markets have taken comfort in the fact that Marine Le Pen probably won’t win the French election. The bad news is that she’s not the only populist in town.

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