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Latest Money Morning articles

The best way to play the oil market

Shale oil rig worker © Getty Images

Shale oil has revolutionised US oil production and released the oil market from Opec’s iron grip. John Stepek looks at the sector and explains how to play it.

“What’s in the box?” – it’s Budget time again

Philip Hammond © Getty images

It’s that time of year again when the chancellor lays out his public spending plans. John Stepek looks ahead to the Budget speech, and asks what’s in the box.

Inflation is back – which domino will topple first?

Mark Carney © Getty Images

Inflation is on the rise. Not just in the UK, but everywhere. John Stepek looks at what happens next.

This week in MoneyWeek: how to sort the new media stars from the duds

MoneyWeek cover illustration - man being chased by a ghost

This week in MoneyWeek magazine: how to pick the best new media stocks; how nationalist politics can damage your wealth; and what to do with your dud stocks.

What wages in ancient Athens can tell us about the silver price today

The Parthenon, Athens © Getty Images

Compared with the last few thousand years, silver is hugely undervalued, says Dominic Frisby. But it does make sense to own a little.

There’s only one dictator in the US – and it’s not Donald Trump

Janet Yellen, chair of the US Federal Reserve © Getty Images

There is one entity in the US with powers to make markets do whatever it wants. But it’s not the president. It’s the Federal Reserve. John Stepek explains why.

Is Donald Trump extremely crafty or just plain thick? We’re about to find out

Donald Trump © Getty Images

Which is the real Donald Trump: master strategist or impulsive idiot? We’ll find out later, says John Stepek, when he outlines his economic agenda to the US Congress.

Why you should take Warren Buffett’s advice on share buybacks

Warren Buffett © Getty Images

Share buybacks, where a company buys its own shares, are controversial among investors. But they aren’t always a bad thing, says John Stepek – just most of the time.

How to choose the best active funds for your Isa

Man checking a stock screen © Getty Images

Active funds are expensive and often perform poorly. But one type of active fund regularly beats the market and can be had for knock-down prices, says John Stepek: investment trusts.

What you can learn from Nick Train’s nightmare with Pearson

School classroom © Getty Images

Fund manager Nick Train has been remarkably successful. But the nightmare he’s had with one particular dodgy stock holds a lesson for every investor, says John Stepek.

Why you should stuff your Isa with these cheap funds

Stock indices © Getty Images

It makes a lot of sense to open a stocks and shares Isa. But what should you put in it? John Stepek explains why passive funds are an ideal investment.

Isa revolution – or damp squib?

Couple with ekeys to their first house © Getty Images

The Lifetime Isa, designed for the big life events of buying your first home and retiring, launches soon. John Stepek looks at how it works, and whether it’s any good.

How passive funds are helping to drive the bubble in US stocks

New York stocks © Getty Images

Index funds are pushing up the price of US stocks, despite the market already being overvalued. But that doesn’t mean you should abandon passive investing, says John Stepek.

What different types of Isa are there – and are they any good?

Help to buy Isa © Getty Images

Tax-free Isa accounts come in several different flavours in addition to plain cash or stocks & shares Isas. John Stepek looks at what’s available.

Warning: don’t touch lithium with a ten-foot bargepole

Lithium is the fuel of the clean tech revolution. That’s sent the stocks of lithium producers soaring. But we’ve seen this story before, says Dominic Frisby. It never ends well.

How to avoid paying any tax on your investments

Tax returns © Getty Images

The best way to increase your investment returns is to cut your costs. And one of the biggest costs is tax. John Stepek explains how to avoid it completely.

Hang on to your European stocks, despite the political mess

European stocks © Getty Images

Europe is beset by political, economic and financial crises. And it’s only going to get worse. But European stocks could still perform well this year, says John Stepek.

The “boring” bubble is close to bursting – the Unilever bid proves it

Unilever stock price © Getty Images

Huge mega-mergers such as Kraft Heinz’s abandoned Unilever bid usually mark the top of the market. The “big, boring blue-chip” bubble is about to burst, says John Stepek.

The interest rate that really matters for investors

Janet Yellen © Getty images

Inflation in the US is at a five-year high and much higher than interest rates are at the moment. John Stepek explains what that means for your investments.

It’s only a matter of time before China has the biggest gold pile in the world

China Gold jewellery counter © Getty images

Whoever has the most gold, makes the rules, says Dominic Frisby. For the moment, that’s the US – but don’t count on things staying that way.

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