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Latest Money Morning articles

Are tech stocks the new Nifty Fifty?

Google office in Singapore © Getty Images

The Nifty Fifty was a group of blue-chip stocks that investors thought would outperform the market, but didn’t. John Stepek asks if today’s tech stocks are the 21st-century version.

The UK housing market is definitely struggling – but will it tip over into a crash?

House for sale signs © Getty Images

UK house prices have been falling for three months now. John Stepek explains why, and whether this is a healthy adjustment, or the start of a crash.

Can Labour win the election, and what happens if it does?

Jeremy Corbyn © Getty Images

When the election was called, everybody expected a Tory landslide. Now there’s talk of a hung parliament, or even a Labour victory. John Stepek explains what that would mean for Britain.

This week in MoneyWeek: the seven best tech stocks to buy now

The Magnificent Seven MoneyWeek magazine cover illustration

In MoneyWeek magazine this week: the “Magnificent Seven” tech stocks; the second-cheapest stockmarket in the world; and why Brexit could hurt UK clearing.

The only way for active investors to survive the passive onslaught

An investor staring at screens of charts © Getty Images

Passive investing is taking business from expensive, actively managed funds. There is still a place for active investors, says John Stepek, but they will need imagination, flexibility, and humility.

What would happen to the pound if the Tories lose the general election?

Theresa May pulling a face © Getty Images

When the election was called, the Tories were slated to win easily. Now, things aren’t so clear. Dominic Frisby looks at what might happen to the pound should they lose.

It looks like we’ve reached stalemate in the oil price wars

Saudi energy minister © Getty images

The oil price has refused to budge despite oil cartel Opec and Russia cutting back on production. John Stepek explains why, and looks at what that means for investors.

This week in MoneyWeek: Red Theresa’s manifesto

Theresa May as Citizen Smith cover illustration

This week in MoneyWeek: What the “Red Tory” manifesto means for you; play the current account circuit; and what would Jesus buy?

The US dollar has further to fall – which is good news for markets

Janet Yellen of the US Federal Reserve © Getty Images

The Federal Reserve says it will raise interest rates again soon. That will weaken the dollar. And if there’s one thing markets love, says John Stepek, it’s a weak dollar.

A lesson from Venice for Theresa May

Venice's Grand Canal © Getty Images

Free trade transformed Venice from a swamp into one of the world’s most powerful cities. But its decline holds a timely lesson for Theresa May, says Dominic Frisby.

What the Church of England can teach us about investing

The Archbishop of Canterbury © Getty Images

The Church of England made an impressive return on its investments last year. What’s interesting is its aversion to passive funds. John Stepek looks at what that can teach us.

Will pensioners lose the election for Theresa May?

Theresa May © Getty images

It’s a brave party that takes on the pensioner vote in the run-up to an election. Should Theresa May be worried, asks John Stepek.

Would you rather “buy the dip”? Or buy cheap stocks?

Japanese stocks © Getty Images

Investors are buying US stocks “on the dip” – but they’re still expensive. However, there is another market where you can still buy cheap stocks, says John Stepek – Japan.

This week in MoneyWeek: Macron leads the fight back in Europe

Macron as Napoleon cover illustration

In MoneyWeek magazine this week: Europe’s new dawn; a new wildly popular way of raising finance; and why you should start saving for your kids’ education.

How much damage will the “Trump tantrum” do to markets?

Donald Trump © Getty Images

As the markets realise Donald Trump isn’t cut out to be president, the Trump bump will become a Trump tantrum, says John Stepek. Prepare your portfolio for the “disillusionment trade”.

Why I’m getting excited about investing in Asia

Mobile phone users in India © Getty Images

Improved connectivity and technology will spawn an enormous global economic boom. And one of the regions that will benefit the most is Asia. Dominic Frisby explains why.

“Whatever it takes” – can Draghi’s magic words work in the oil market too?

Khalid Al-Falih and Alexander Novak – Saudi Arabian and Russian energy ministers © Getty Images

Saudi Arabia’s finance minister says Opec will do “whatever it takes” to bring the oil price under control. Will it succeed? John Stepek investigates.

This virus is huge news for cybersecurity stocks – and bitcoin

WannaCry ransomware © Getty Images

The WannaCry ransomware attack is a wake-up call. It has huge implications for cybersecurity – and for bitcoin. John Stepek explains why, and how to profit from improving computer security.

This week in MoneyWeek: real profits from virtual reality

Mixed reality cover illustration

This week in MoneyWeek magazine: profit as virtual reality comes of age; how to get the best deal when changing currency; and is it time to spring clean your investments?

Are we about to see the perfect housing market correction?

Couple looking in an estate agent's window © Getty Images

We could soon see an inflation-driven correction in the housing market. That won’t make anyone particularly happy. But it might be the least damaging solution to the house price bubble.

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