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Latest Money Morning articles

This week in MoneyWeek: Should you go with the crowd?

MoneyWeek magazine cover illustration – businessman crowdsurfing

In this week’s MoneyWeek magazine: the pros and cons of peer-to-peer lending; how cash flows move markets; and the price of ethical investing.

Bond bubble? What bond bubble?

alan Greenspan © Getty Images

Investors have snapped up Iraqi government bonds yielding just 6.75%. If they’ll ignore the obvious risks for such a small return, asks John Stepek, what else are they ignoring?

The end is nigh – so it’s time to pile into miners and emerging markets

iron ore mine bucket wheel excavator © Getty Images

The end of the long-running bull market in equities is near, says Dominic Frisby. Investors should turn to “late-cycle assets” – mining stocks and emerging markets.

“I’m shocked – shocked! – to find that irresponsible lending is going on in here”

Bank of England governor, Mark Carney © Getty Images

The Bank of England slashed interest rates and flooded the economy with cheap money. Now it’s worried about dangerous levels of debt. Could the two be connected, asks John Stepek?

Disruption is finally coming to the cigarette industry – sell Big Tobacco

Packet of cigarettes © Getty Images

Tobacco stocks have been staggeringly successful in recent decades. But the industry is now facing real competition. Its run could be about to end, says John Stepek.

Why now is the time to invest defensively

Many asset classes are very expensive right now. But investors remain remarkably complacent. Be on your guard, says John Stepek.

This week in MoneyWeek: banks are back

Banker biker MoneyWeek magazine cover illustration

In this week’s MoneyWeek magazine, why it’s time to buy bank stocks again; a tale of cryptocurrency woe; and the first retail bond from a P2P platform.

What happens to markets if Trump gets impeached?

Crowds calling for Trump to be impeached © Getty Images

Ineffective and lurching from one crisis to another, Donald Trump is America’s most unpopular president ever. If he were to be impeached, asks John Stepek, would the markets even care?

My oil trade has done well – so should we pull out now?

Oil well and pipeline © Getty Images

A while ago, Dominic Frisby suggested oil would be the best trade of the next five years. Today, he checks back in to see how it’s doing.

The hidden risks of a becalmed market

London Stock Exchange looking quiet © Getty Images

Markets are very calm right now, with investors piling into “low volatility” assets. But that stability can lead to extreme instability with very little warning. John Stepek explains why.

What if you had a bubble in the most boring market in the world?

Man standing among big letters spelling 'bonds' © Getty Images

Many people think there’s no bubble in the bond market because investors aren’t excited enough. But boring markets can crash just as heavily as exciting ones, says John Stepek.

Europe is no longer the daring contrarian trade it once was

Emmanuel Macron © Getty images

Regarded as a daring investment all too recently, European stocks have become the flavour of the month. John Stepek suggests a better place to put your money.

This week in MoneyWeek: finding the true “dividend heroes”

This week in MoneyWeek: the investment trusts that consistently raise their dividends; how to avoid “lethal” stocks; and how to take equity out of your home.

Zinc is dull but useful, and it’s in short supply – it’s time to buy

Zinc, one of the most widely used metals in the world, is in short supply. That’s good news for investors. Dominic Frisby picks the best ways to buy in.

Cheap money, lax lending standards – I'm getting deja vu here

People queueing outside a branch of Northern Rock © Getty Images

The piles of dodgy debt building up are unpleasantly reminiscent of the last financial crisis, says John Stepek. Is cheap money about to draw us into another one?

Don’t bet on the high street being wiped out by Amazon

shop closing down © Getty Images

Received wisdom has it that Amazon will eventually wipe traditional retailers from the face of the earth. But John Stepek’s not so sure. Here’s why.

I hate to say it, but a gold bull market seems a long way away

Gold coins and bars © Getty Images

It’s been very a disappointing year for gold. Its time will certainly come again, says Dominic Frisby, but for now, a bull market is a very long way off.

Not every short-seller has had a wonderful week

People walking up and down stairs int ehLondon ~Stock Exchange © Getty Images

Short-sellers made a fortune betting against Carillion earlier this week. But they don’t always win. John Stepek looks at the risks of short-selling, and a bet that turned bad.

This week in MoneyWeek: can Macron fix France?

In this week’s MoneyWeek magazine: Emmanuel Macron’s bid to transform France, five funds for a global portfolio, and how to save money without even thinking about it.

How to profit from the rise of the electric car

Volvo electric car © Getty images

Electric cars are big business. They might not take over right away, but one thing’s for certain, says John Stepek – they are here to stay. Here’s how to invest.

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