Merryn Somerset Webb interviews

Merryn Somerset Webb interviews financial gurus including ‘deflationist’ Russell Napier, hedge-fund manager Hugh Hendry, and legendary investor Jim Mellon.

Bernard Connolly: why Brexit is good for small companies

Bernard Connolly

In the second part of his interview, Bernard Connolly discusses the corporate oligopolies developing in the EU, and how smaller companies would be better off out of it.

Bernard Connolly: the EU is an "explicitly anti-democratic", crony capitalist state

Bernard Connolly

Merryn Somerset Webb interviews economist Bernard Connolly about the democratic deficit in the EU, the certainty of a new financial crisis, and what you can do about it.

Russell Napier: give everybody in China a credit card

Russell Napier

Merryn Somerset Webb talks to economic strategist Russell Napier about quantitative easing, Brexit, and how to get China spending.

Gary Channon: the three things I look for when buying a company

Gary Channon

Merryn Somerset Webb talks to Phoenix Asset Management’s Gary Channon about what he looks for in an investment, and how he’s made a return of over 12% a year for the last 18 years.

Anne-Marie Slaughter: getting the gender balance right

Merryn Somerset Webb interviews writer, lawyer and political analyst Anne-Marie Slaughter about gender roles, migration, and how Britain could turn into Singapore.

Hugo Dixon: why Britain is better off in Europe

Hugo Dixon

Merryn Somerset Webb talks to journalist and author Hugo Dixon about why he thinks Britain is better off in Europe than out of it.

Simon Somerville: looking for income? Buy Japan

Simon Somerville

Merryn Somerset Webb talks to fund manager Simon Somerville about investing in Japan, and why things are getting better and better for shareholders.

Craig Yeaman: how I beat the market, year after year

Merryn Somerset Webb talks to Craig Yeaman, manager of the Saracen Growth Fund, and discovers the secret to his remarkable success, plus what he’s buying now.

Dan Godfrey: if fund management doesn't change, people will be "marching down the street with pitchforks"

Dan Godfrey

Merryn Somerset Webb talks to Dan Godfrey, ex-chief of the Investment Association, about management fees, executive pay, and how to improve the industry.

Mark Dampier: how to be an effective investor

Mark Dampier

Merryn Somerset Webb talks to Hargreaves Lansdown’s Mark Dampier about effective investing, the markets in general, and active and passive funds.

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