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Was it fake news wot won it?

The Brexit vote and the US presidential election were swung by shadowy firms using sophisticated but underhand new techniques, say critics. Simon Wilson reports.

The message from the currency markets: buy Europe

Investors, who already view the US as overpriced and the eurozone as cheap may be about to start piling money into both European stocks and the euro, says John Stepek.

Paul Singer: an aggressive master of activist investing

Activist investor Paul Singer isn’t known for pulling his punches. But his attack on Arconic’s CEO, Klaus Kleinfeld, was particularly brutal.

Five questions for… Tom Cridland, fashion designer

Fashion designer Tom Cridland answers five questions on the international sustainable fashion brand he started.

Men’s rings without the bling

Signet rings are gaining in popularity – both on the high street, and with collectors, says Chris Carter.

The world’s greatest investors: Jim Chanos

Jim Chanos analyses the balance sheets of companies in an attempt to spot signs of potential fraud.

Forestry: where money grows on trees

Forestry has performed well in recent years, enjoying annual returns of 18% over the past decade. But is it a sound investment? Sarah Moore reports.

Money makers: a teddy bear start-up

Charlie Morris turned adversity into a thriving business designing and making teddy bears.

Does it make sense to rent your car?

Car leasing, where you never actually own your car, may not be the best deal for you, Emma Lunn explains.

Spare the child and blow the inheritance

Leaving all your money to your grandchildren can be more trouble than it’s worth.

Trading: stick with oil

Matthew Partridge’s bet on the oil price is becoming increasingly frustrating.

A unique and otherworldly sherry

My pulse quickens at this time of year when La Gitana’s En Rama arrives on our shores, says Matthew Jukes.

The ultimate in automotive luxury

The new Mulsanne Speed is a Bentley to drive, rather than to be driven in.

Don’t risk pirate software

Small businesses tempted to use unlicensed software could find themselves receiving a substantial bill for damages, says David Prosser.

Spread-betting syndicate operator faces 12-year ban

Syndicate owner Stuart Mudge’s ban is a lesson to never trust your money in unregulated schemes.

Switch out of buy-to-let

Buy-to-let has lost its appeal due to tax changes. Max King looks at the best real-estate investment trusts (Reits) to buy instead.

Election puts pensions tax relief at risk

The upcoming general election may spell the end for generous tax relief on contributions to private pension plans.

Fix your mortgage until after Brexit

With a two-year fixed mortgage – the most popular term – you could be shopping for a new mortgage just as the UK leaves the EU. It could be worth fixing your payments for longer, says Ruth Jackson.

The fear gauge: a costly way to bet on rising risk

Retail investors got more than they bargained for when they placed their bets on the fear gauge.

We need to share economic success

A new trade model won’t fix the discontent of the dispossessed. But a share of the spoils will, says Andrew McNally.

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