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The charts that matter – is it turnaround time for the dollar?

The US Federal Reserve’s slightly more aggressive than expected stance gave the dollar a fillip. John Stepek wonders if it’s time for a turnaround.

Letters to MoneyWeek: Most Tesco investors are getting a raw deal

A selection of letters sent in to the MoneyWeek office, and their replies.

The trials of America’s most hated man

Being America’s most hated man may not seem an enviable position, but it does have its perks.

No better historian for the Old Lady

Book review: Till Time’s Last Sand
David Kynaston has written a definitive history of the Bank of England.

Lars Windhorst: A business wunderkind falls from grace

German financier Lars Windhorst has a history of making – and losing – money. But this time, he’s out to prove his doubters wrong.

Now we can finally live like The Jetsons

Flying cars will shortly no longer be the stuff of science fiction, says Stuart Watkins. It’s time to look to the skies for your next ride.

Book of the week: The day Britain crashed out of the ERM

Book review: Six Days in September
A well-written account that also looks at the history of attempts to manage currencies.

Clinton asks what went wrong

Book review: What Happened
In this new book, Clinton gives her account of the tumultuous campaign and the aftermath of her shock defeat.

Betting on politics: How to split your money

Splitting a bet can be a good way to manage your money. Matthew Partridge explains.

Jamie Dimon: no fan of bitcoin

It’s not the technology that investment bank boss Jamie Dimon has a problem with. It’s the cryptocurrency.

A lifestyle problem for retirement savers

Savers could be missing out on investment growth that would boost their retirement income, says David Prosser.

Properties near good schools

From a Grade II*-listed medieval rectory near Cambridge to an Arts & Crafts-style home in Guildford, Surrey.

Britain’s most lenient lender

Mum and dad are among the most generous lenders in Britain, says Ruth Jackson. But parents should be careful.

Money makers: Smart clobber for mothers-to-be

When Cecile Reinaud’s pregnant colleagues came to her complaining they didn’t have anything to wear, she got down to business and set up Séraphine.

Ignore the prophets of doom

Pay no attention to investment lore, says Max King. Any market setback is likely to be fleeting.

Growing pains for digital banks

It’s not all been plain sailing for digital banks since they launched a few years ago. Ben Judge looks at how they have fared.

How Black Wednesday boosted Britain

Black Wednesday in 1992 forced Britain out of the European Exchange Rate Mechanism. But it was far from being all bad.

Three amazing Burgundies

My featured Nerthus is a snip at 20 quid and it is stunningly structured and boldly scented, says Matthew Jukes.

Asia’s bulls have legs

The Asian crisis of 20 years is ancient history as the region’s markets enjoy their day in the sun.

Will Carney raise interest rates at last?

The governor of the Bank of England signals that a rise in interest rates may finally be on the way.

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