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7 October 1920: Oxford University allows women to graduate

On this day in 1920, the University of Oxford allowed women studying there to receive full degrees.

The great housing giveaway

Bill Bonner on the town in Sicily that’s giving away houses.

“A polite ‘no’ to union”

Dan Denning on Britain’s place in Europe, the strange goings-on in the US bond market, and how political and financial liberty are inextricably linked.

Nick Leslau: 'Be tough in business, but be totally honest'

Millionaire businessman Nick Leslau is renowned for making bold plays on the property market – and he usually gets them right.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership: what does this massive new trade deal mean for you?

The Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal has been signed off after years of talks. John Stepek explains what it is, and looks at two countries set to benefit nicely.

6 October 1889: Le Moulin Rouge opens its doors

On this day in 1889, Le Moulin Rouge cabaret club first opened in Paris during the Belle Époque era.

Gold is glistening again

Goldbugs get ready – the Elliott waves are lining up to “supercharge” the gold market, says spreadbetting guru John C Burford.

Mafia building programmes

Bill Bonner compares the Mafia-run town of Palermo with his native Baltimore.

Britain’s currency weakness

Dan Denning on Britain’s service sector growth, the $11trn wiped off global stockmarkets, and the seeds of conflict sprouting all around the world.

Alex Perry: The 'misery myth' that’s corrupting Africa

The aid industry has infantilised the whole African continent. Merryn Somerset Webb talks to author Alex Perry.

The assets to buy now - October 2015

Asset allocation is at least as important as individual share selection. So where should you be putting your money? Here’s our monthly take on the major asset classes.

The US dollar’s surge is over for now – here’s what it means for you

The state of the American economy means US interest rates won’t be going up anytime soon. That’s halted the dollar’s bull run. John Stepek explains what it means for investors.

5 October 1936: the Jarrow Crusade sets off for London

On this day in 1936, 200 men set off on the Jarrow Crusade to march the 300 miles from County Durham to London to demand the government take action on unemployment.

Britain wins a pay rise

It’s been a grim decade for Britain’s workers – their pay has been on the slide. But things are looking brighter for them now. Simon Wilson reports.

A Channel 4 sell-off would wake up Sid and reinvigorate popular capitalism

The government should forge ahead with plans to privatise Channel 4, says Matthew Lynn. And small investors should get first dibs on the shares.

A best man’s speech without the jokes…

The pig isn’t the most surprising revelation from Lord Ashcroft’s biography of David Cameron.

Mexico’s gleeful extremist

The Vuhl 05 is a promising start for the Mexican newcomer to the heady world of sports cars.

The hatred of cash

Central bankers must protect us from the evil of cash, says Bill Bonner.

Winter is coming

Dan Denning on the approaching economic winter, the death of German prudence, and how China’s bigwigs are getting round their country’s capital controls.

How to invest in fine whisky

If you’re a whisky enthusiast, you can now invest in your favourite tipple through a new online platform. Matthew Partridge reports.

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