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You can’t keep a good crash down

The problem we had in 2008 is exactly the same problem we have today, says Dan Denning. The world is on the brink of disaster again.

How you're paying for Scotland’s doughnut binge

With waiting times up and the country gripped by “austerity”, the NHS in Scotland is spending millions on prescribing biscuits, hot-dogs and doughnuts to coeliacs. It’s crazy, says Merryn Somerset Webb.

How super-low interest rates are ruining the economy

Super-low interest rates are not helping Britain’s economy recover, says Merryn Somerset Webb. They’re holding it back.

Absolute return funds: too good to be true?

Absolute return funds that protect investors from the worst of a downturn are becoming popular. Should you invest in them? Piper Terrett investigates.

Go shopping for cheap consumer stocks

This fund has taken advantage of the recent stockmarket dip to go bargain hunting.

Has oil’s big comeback started already?

In the last few days, the oil price has shot up. John Stepek looks at what’s behind the spike, and what the future may hold for the oil market.

Are pension Isas a good idea?

Pensions and Isas both offer savers tax-efficient ways to save, but in slightly different ways. So, how will a ‘pensions Isa’ work? Merryn Somerset Webb explains.

How funds have held up in the carnage – and a steady earner to buy now

The devastating effect of falling oil prices on funds should have come as no surprise, says David C Stevenson.

1 September 1859: the ‘Carrington Event’, the biggest solar storm ever recorded

On this day in 1859, a huge mass of magnetic particles erupted from the sun and hit the earth, knocking out telegraphs and putting on a spectacular display in the skies.

Noel Biderman: The King of Infidelity dethroned by hackers

Noel Biderman, the founder of adulterous affairs website Ashley Madison, claims he’s the saviour of marriages. His many critics beg to differ.

Are we facing another Asian crisis?

Recent sharp falls in emerging-market currencies have drawn parallels with the 1997 Asian crisis. Are we facing a similar situation? Cris Sholto Heaton investigates.

Hold fire on that Beemer buy

The new Jaguar XE gives BMW and Mercedes a run for their money.

Three bets on a bounceback

Professional stock picker Alex Wright tips three beaten up and unloved London-listed stocks to buy now.

Why I’m not afraid of China’s slowdown affecting Latin America

China’s slowdown has got investors in commodity-rich Latin America running for the hills. But that, as James McKeigue explains, is a costly mistake.

Is China’s miracle at an end?

Chinese markets have been in turmoil. But does this signal trouble in the wider economy? Is it too heading for a crash? Matthew Partridge investigates.

If China’s economy crashes, it will devastate the eurozone – and the UK

A Chinese economy in the doldrums will leave Germany painfully exposed, says Matthew Lynn. That’s bad news for Britain and Europe.

The death of the European dream

Belgium’s prime minister has called for the re-introduction of border checks. Meanwhile, European leaders are struggling to agree a system of refugee quotas. Matthew Partridge asks: is the ‘European dream’ at an end?

Stocks: down 50% from here

Bill Bonner explains why he’s forecasting a 50% fall in stock prices over the next ten years.

A dangerous new phase in the currency wars

China reportedly sold off a chunk of US debt recently. Dan Denning looks at what that says about the latest salvo in the currency wars, and the dollar.

Properties for around £1m

From a converted 15th-century military fortress in La Dombes, France, to a Grade II-listed former chapel in London.

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