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Greece is back at the cliff edge

If Greece can’t secure aid by mid-April, economists reckon it may crash out of the eurozone.

Inflation drops to zero

Britain is on the cusp of deflation after prices failed to rise over the last year.

Why no inflation?

Britain’s rate of inflation has hit zero. So, what’s gone wrong, asks Merryn Somerset Webb.

James Anderson's reasons to be cheerful: genes, Berlin and AI

Star fund manager James Anderson talks to Merryn Somerset Webb about why he’s relaxed about the future – and how he plans to make money from it.

Britain’s broken finances

George Osborne’s Budget speech was full of paltry tweaks that will fail to deliver the serious spending overhaul Britain needs, says James Ferguson.

It’s a crazy world – and the lunatics are taking over the asylum

The financial world has been turned on its head and investors have lost touch with reality, says Tim Price.

Government parasites ruined the economy – but they didn’t stop there

America’s security industry has a lot of money with which to buy votes, says Bill Bonner.

James Anderson: where to find 'growth at an unreasonable price'

Merryn Somerset Webb talks to James Anderson of the Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust about where to find growth, and where the next crop of great companies might come from.

The oil price has bottomed out – here’s why

The price of oil has been flattened since last summer. Now it’s hit rock bottom. John Stepek explains why you should get ready for a rebound in the price.

26 March 1885: Britain’s first legal cremation

On this day in 1885, Janet Pickersgill became the first person to be officially cremated in Britain, at Woking Crematorium in Surrey.

Two tricks to help you buy stocks at the bottom

Buying shares at their cheapest requires a two-pronged approach, says Bengt Saelensminde – as this contrarian play demonstrates.

McLaren’s devilish monster

McLaren’s latest supercar, the 675 LT, offers a visceral driving experience. But those on a budget can have fun too.

Modern economics killed the American dream

The government has turned the American dream into a fraud, says Bill Bonner.

Missing the whole point of pensions

Over half of 15-35 year olds say they would start a pension if they could buy a house with it. Which is entirely missing the point of pensions, says Merryn Somerset Webb.

25 March 1584: Sir Walter Raleigh receives a patent to colonise America

On this day in 1584, Queen Elizabeth I issued a patent to Sir Walter Raleigh to establish an English colony in North America.

Think your pension is safe from bankruptcy? Think again

Traditionally, pension pots have been protected should you go bankrupt. But that could all change when new rules come in to force in April.

Grade I-listed buildings for sale

Including a Regency house on Brighton seafront, an Elizabethan manor in Norfolk and a former rectory in Cheshire.

Pensioners: don’t get fleeced twice

Annuity holders looking to take advantage of their new freedom should be extra careful. Merryn Somerset Webb explains why.

Osborne’s Isa changes sound nice on paper, but I’m not a fan

Isas have been hugely successful in encouraging wealth-building habits among the British public. But George Osborne’s latest tinkering threatens to undermine that, says David Thornton.

Government corruption killed the free market

The US government, not the free market, destroyed American industry, says Bill Bonner.

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26 March 1885: The Cremation Society performs Britain's first legal cremation

On this day in 1885, poet Janet Pickersgill became the first person to be officially cremated in Britain, at Woking Crematorium in Surrey.