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Five of the dumbest investments you could make today

From Deutsche Bank shares to overpriced London property, Dominic Frisby picks what he thinks are the five worst investments you can make right now.

Rejoice: lower oil prices are here for a while longer

Oil producers are meeting in an attempt to bolster prices. But don’t expect them to strike a deal. Here’s why, and what low prices mean for the rest of us.

What the return of politics means for your money

After years of being left to do their own thing, markets are back at the mercy of politicians. John Stepek explains why politics matters again, and what you must do.

The benefits of all-inclusive fund management fees

Fund management fees should include everything, says Merryn Somerset Webb. All costs, commissions, research and trading costs. It would increase competition and give us more to retire on.

Don’t let financial repression crush you and your investments

Low interest rates, which aim to stimulate investment, are having the opposite effect and depressing returns for investors. But there are still opportunities out there, says John Stepek.

Fear this new and more deadly QE

Whether or not Britain needs more quantitative easing is questionable, says Matthew Lynn. But you can be sure we don’t want it Japanese-style.

Globalisation in retreat

World trade is stagnating and protectionist populism seems to be on the rise. Is this the end for globalisation? Alex Rankine reports.

Share tips of the week

MoneyWeek’s comprehensive guide to this week’s share tips from the rest of the UK’s financial pages.

JK Rowling’s expensive mistake

Harry Potter author JK Rowling fell for the dream of owning a yacht hook, line and sinker.

Steven Mnuchin: the hedgie who’s backing Trump

Donald Trump’s chief fundraiser, Steven Mnuchin, came from a level of privilege that makes the would-be Republican president’s look ordinary.

Multi-million-pound properties on the market

From a private island in the Florida Keys with a marina and beach to a 15th-century villa in Lucca, Tuscany.

Two takeover targets to tuck away

Seeking out potential takeover targets can be a profitable strategy. Professional investor Philippe Lecoq tips two.

Cheap ways to ride the mega-trends

David C Stevenson looks at the best investment trusts to invest in the mega-trends of the future.

Three types of wine fraud

When rare wine sells for thousands of pounds a bottle, it’s not just the connoisseurs that take note, says Chris Carter.

Nick Train: Don’t entrust your money to the clever-clogs

Dull plodding is what wins the race in the end. Merryn Somerset Webb talks to Nick Train of Finsbury Growth & Income Trust.

A headstart for my MoneyWeek disciples

The 2014 Folding Hill is “on the water” as I write, due to arrive in early October, says Matthew Jukes. Get it before it sells out.

Mercedes’ superlative load-lugger

Few cars fulfil such duties more perfectly than the Mercedes E-class Estate, especially this updated model.

This is a major turning point for central banks – here’s how to profit

Central banks finally seem to have decided it’s time for governments to do some serious “fiscal stimulus”. John Stepek explains what that means, and how you should play it.

The fast-growing sport of drone racing

Drone racing gets a big boost from satellite broadcaster Sky in its bid to bring the new sport into your living room.

A monster called exponential growth

Tim Price explains how observing bacteria in a bottle will make you look at the world with a fresh pair eyes.

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