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Is Nigeria heading for disaster?

The Nigerian election has been postponed, raising fears of renewed civil conflict. That leaves Nigeria on the brink of a crisis, says Simon Wilson.

The UK doesn’t have a housing shortage

We don’t have a housing shortage in the UK, we just don’t have enough of the right houses in the right plaes, says Merryn somerset Webb.

Properties for around £1m

From a Grade II-listed Regency townhouse with views of Salisbury Cathedral to a three-bedroom terrace close to London’s Battersea Park.

Feel-good investing is a route to disaster

It’s easy to get carried away by the hype when investing in tech stocks. But as Bengt Saelensminde explains, it pays to keep your feet on the ground.

Petropavlovsk investors approve board’s refinancing plans

Shareholders in stricken gold miner Petropavlovsk have overwhelmingly voted in favour of the company’s controversial refinancing plans. Kam Patel reports.

The simple life is always safe from the Fed

It’s not all about income, says Bill Bonner. There’s value in the simpler things in life too.

Can we take the Greens seriously?

A policy of Russian appeasement and a disastrous radio interview don’t auger well for the Greens.

Stand aside – this bond bubble will blow

Investors are paying governments for the privilege of lending them money. That may make sense to some – but we won’t be following them, says John Stepek.

How to profit as drones take over our skies

Rules on drone flights are being relaxed, giving a huge boost to a sector that’s already worth over $6bn. Matthew Partridge looks at how to profit from this rapidly expanding industry.

Cash for access scandal claims two scalps

The latest cash for access scandal involving two former foreign secretaries has reinforced voters’ disillusionment. Emily Hohler reports.

27 February 1900: The launch of the Labour Party

Responding to the need for a single political party to represent the trade unions, the Labour Party was formed on this day in 1900.

Yellen hints at a US interest rate rise

The dollar and Treasury yields dipped following Janet Yellen’s upbeat assessment of the US economy.

Greece eats humble moussaka as bailout is extended

The new Greek government agreed to an extension of the current bailout programme, staving off disaster for the moment.

HSBC profits hit by misdeeds

Chief executive Stuart Gulliver’s tax affairs added to the gloom over the bank’s disappointing results.

Investing in water: Profit from liquid gold

The world is rapidly running out of water – back firms pioneering ways to recycle what’s left and you stand to make big gains, says Matthew Partridge.

Pensioners are in pretty good financial shape, and it’s the young who are paying

Pensioners are getting a pretty good deal out of the rest of us, says Merryn Somerset Webb. It may be time to cut back a bit.

Pay is finally rising – and for all the right reasons

Wages are rising, and not because of high inflation. Companies are volunteering to pay their staff more. That’s exactly the way economies are supposed to work, says Merryn Somerset Webb

Two things every penny share investor should know

Equities – penny shares in particular – are the best way of generating a good long-term return, says David Thornton. But it requires the right attitude and a sensible strategy.

Bad news for US stocks – wages are going up

Wages in America are rising. That’s good for workers, but bad for stockmarkets. John Stepek explains why, and how it will affect your investments.

26 February 1995: 'Rogue trader' Nick Leeson breaks Barings Bank

Barings Bank, one of the world’s most venerable banks, was brought to its knees by the original ‘rogue trader’, Nick Leeson, on this day in 1995.

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Robert Shiller: why one of the world's smartest economists is worried about the bond market

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27 February 1900: The Labour Party is launched

Responding to the need for a single political party to represent the trade unions, the Labour Party was formed on this day in 1900, led by MP Keir Hardie.