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The hidden risks of a becalmed market

Markets are very calm right now, with investors piling into “low volatility” assets. But that stability can lead to extreme instability with very little warning. John Stepek explains why.

One rule for ordinary Americans, another for American hedge fund managers

Most US citizens are taxed on all their income no matter where on earth it is earned. The only ones who aren’t, it seems, are hedge-fund managers.

What if you had a bubble in the most boring market in the world?

Many people think there’s no bubble in the bond market because investors aren’t excited enough. But boring markets can crash just as heavily as exciting ones, says John Stepek.

Prepare yourself for a new financial crisis

There is trouble bubbling up in many sectors of the global economy, says Merryn Somerset Webb. There is only one way to prepare yourself for it: save more.

Catch the millennials before it’s too late

Young people have lost faith in the free-market system. Matthew Lynn suggests four things businesses can do to win back their trust.

Barclays goes on trial

Four former banking executives have been charged with fraud over the bailout of Barclays by Qatar in 2008. Will the trial really be in the public interest? Simon Wilson reports.

Where has all the inflation gone?

Employment levels are high and credit is loose – so why on earth aren’t prices rising, asks John Stepek.

Properties with follies

From a farmhouse in Tuscany with a 14th-century round tower to a Grade II-listed former hunting lodge in Newport, Gwent.

Time to take Elon Musk’s advice

Tesla founder Elon Musk fears expectations in his electric car company have got out of hand.

How to handle student debt

While a hefty student debt can be cause for concern, it’s important to remember it is a debt unlike any other, says Ruth Jackson.

Should you steer clear of fund offerings?

Is it good for investors when a fund issues new shares? Max King investigates.

Five questions for… Kilian Pender, chief executive, Green Deal Finance Company

The Green Deal Finance Company provides loans to UK homeowners to allow them to invest in renewable energy or energy-efficient products for their homes.

Debutantes who crave “a bit of rough”

An heiress choosing a “bad boy” to marry is a win-win for everybody.

The allure of retro aeroplanes

For those who have always wanted to climb inside the cockpit of a vintage aeroplane, now is the time, says Chris Carter.

How can you take equity out of your home?

Many homeowners will have a substantial amount of equity in their house as a result of soaring property prices. It may be possible to borrow against this, says Emma Lunn – although caution is needed.

Move fast to snap up this ethereal English red

This is the most remarkable English pinot noir I have ever tasted, says Matthew Jukes.

The cost to small businesses of going cashless

With the number of contactless card transactions doubling last year, The UK is moving towards a cashless society. But that would make many small businesses much worse off.

The maddest car of the year

Performance will be strong on the road, but the clue is in the name – the SandRacer is built for the desert.

Pensions victory for same-sex couples

A Supreme Court victory for a retired businessman who argued that the UK’s pensions legislation discriminated against same-sex couples paves the way for thousands of gay couples to claim improved retirement benefits.

Biotech’s boom continues

Professional investor Daniel Koller picks six stocks to profit from the continuing biotech boom.

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