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Gisele Bündchen: Brazil’s catwalk queen bows out aged 34

Brazil’s politicians could learn a thing or two from the long and highly lucrative career of the country’s top model, Gisele Bündchen.

Range Rover’s brutally fast off-roader

This SUV may be fast, but Land Rover hasn’t completely forgotten its heritage.

An elite rosé

Garrus and its extended family of d’Esclans wines are the finest rosés on the planet.

What really makes us happy

Forget clean sheets, it’s seeing the misery of others that really puts a smile on our faces.

What will pension reform cost you?

Pensions freedom sounds easy. But as Merryn Somerset Webb explains, the reality isn’t quite so simple.

No-one has ever made real money following the crowd

Going along with the popular malarkey is usually just pathetic, says Bill Bonner. In finance, it’s fatal.

Seven romantic getaways

From hundreds of acres of Norfolk parkland to an A-listers’ paradise in Mexico, Ruth Jackson looks at the most romantic places to stay.

Properties with kitchen gardens

From a house on a private peninsula in Connecticut, USA, to a 16th-century cottage with a walled kitchen garden in Biddenden, Kent.

Savers are about to gamble big with their pensions – and that’s a good thing

Ignore the reactionaries, says Bengt Saelensminde. Using your pensions freedom to start up a business could be good for Britain, and good for you.

The tide is turning on global mega-caps – get out now and head for Japan

A two-decade bear market has left many high-quality Japanese companies trading at attractive prices, says Tim Price.

Where are prices rising and falling?

We look at consumer price index data from the G20 plus other big economies to see who’s already seeing falling prices.

Google's spat with the EU explained

The digital giant faces renewed attempts to tackle alleged abuses of its market dominance. Is there a case? Simon Wilson reports.

Arab Spring turns into a deadly winter in Yemen

The conflict in Yemen between the Iranian-backed Houthi rebels and forces led by President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi took a deadly turn last week.

A canny politician would consider this a good election to lose

Matthew Lynn explains why it could be tactically better in the long run to let the other side win in this general election.

The hidden risks in simple funds

The International Monetary Fund has warned of the lurking danger in unit trusts and exchange-traded funds.

Chart of the week: The only way is up for junk defaults

When interest rates finally start to rise, defaults are likely to pick up, with serious consequences for many investors in junk bonds.

UK stocks calm as the election nears

Investors are taking a relaxed attitude, despite the uncertainty surrounding the general election – at least for the now.

Why the SNP surge matters

Economics has got left behind as nationalism has taken over the electoral debate in Scotland, reports Emily Hohler.

Election controversy of the week: Scotland’s black hole

If Scotland takes full charge of public spending, financed via its own tax-raising and borrowing powers, it will end up with a deficit, warns the IFS.

Chinese stocks: follow the politics

It’s been a rollercoaster few days for investors in the Chinese stockmarket.

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24 April 1915: the Armenian genocide begins


On this day in 1915, 250 prominent Armenians were arrested in Constantinople – an event generally acknowledged as the start of the Armenian genocide.

The Kids' Portfolio: the four best funds to buy for your children

Investing for your children's long-term future is an excellent idea. But what should you buy? The Kids' Portfolio is a simple collection of four funds intended to be tucked away for 20 to 40 years.