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A different take on EU food policy

EU farm subsidies a controversial. But it’s not just Europe that subsidises its agriculture, as Matthew Partridge found out when he spoke to a UK sugar manufacturer.

The crisis in internet advertising

Big names pulled the plug on online advertising when they realised their ads were appearing next to jihadist preachers. That’s a problem for media giant Google, says Simon Wilson.

Uber would be better off listed

Taxi-hailing app Uber is running into all sorts of trouble, says Matthew Lynn. Listing on the stock market will give it the discipline it needs.

The end of an era for hedge funds

More than 1,000 hedge funds shut down last year – the most since the financial crisis. There are now fewer funds around than at any time since 2013. What’s going on?

An exuberant cosmic rosé

Throughout the experience the incredible and unforgettable merlot scent pervades your senses, says Matthew Jukes.

Buffett’s bet: can a tracker trounce the hedgies?

There’s no sense in handing 1%-2% plus fees to fund managers when a cheap tracker gets results, says Stephen Connolly.

Dutch stem the populist tide – for now

Have the Dutch halted the march of populism in the West?

Betting on politics: The French election

Political betting expert Matthew Partridge weighs up the odds on the upcoming French election.

Osborne as editor? There “isn’t a sick bag big enough”

The news that George Osborne is to become the editor of the Evening Standard hasn’t gone down well with everyone.

Trump raises stakes on China

President Donald Trump has plenty to discuss when he finally meets his Chinese opposite, says Matthew Partridge.

The countdown to Brexit begins

Theresa May has finally put Britain on the road to Brexit with her announcement that she will invoke Article 50 next week.

Is Trump as bad as Hitler?

Book review: On tyranny
If more people followed Snyder’s injunctions, the world would be a better place.

Dmitry Rybolovlev: the savvy dealmaker trumped by Trump

Donald Trump just can’t resist bragging about the time he sold America’s most expensive house to Russian billionaire Dmitry Rybolovlev.

Money makers: A banker with a soul

Billionaire financier Leonard Abess was singled out for special praise from then-US president Barack Obama.

Were you mis-sold your house?

Many homebuyers come to regret their purchases. But if they were mis-sold, is there anything they can do about it? Emma Lunn explains.

Five questions for… Bruce Davis, co-founder, Abundance

Bruce Davis of online investment service Abundance speaks to MoneyWeek about his business.

The MoneyWeek Audit: David Rockefeller

Long-time banker and philanthropist David Rockefeller was the last of his generation when he passed away this week, aged 101.

Brace yourself for a VAT hike

From 1 April, reforms to the flat-rate VAT scheme will cost businesses ranging from accountants to hairdressers almost £200m a year.

Book of the week: The libor scandal revisited

The authors have an eye for juicy anecdotes and skilfully avoid drowning the reader in too much detail.

Act now to make the most of tax breaks

It’s important to use pension allowances before you lose them, says David Prosser.

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