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Place your bets on Europe’s turmoil

If any of the populist parties take power in Europe, the ramifications will be far wider than investors are betting on, says Matthew Lynn.

How to choose the best active funds for your Isa

Active funds are expensive and often perform poorly. But one type of active fund regularly beats the market and can be had for knock-down prices, says John Stepek: investment trusts.

Pitfalls when valuing assets

Matthew Partridge runs through what you should look out for when valuing assets for your portfolio.

Ben Bernanke: markets should curb their enthusiasm

Markets have got ahead of themselves over Donald Trump’s election victory, reckons formed Fed chief Ben Bernanke.

Share tips of the week

MoneyWeek’s comprehensive guide to this week’s share tips from the rest of the UK’s financial press.

The sad decline of the art of excess

Lloyd’s of London introduced a ban on staff drinking alcohol between 9am and 5pm.

Unilever sees off Kraft

US food giant Kraft, which swallowed up Britain’s Cadbury in 2010, has failed – for now – to do the same to Unilever. Ben Judge reports.

Impressive, yet uninspiring

Book review: Theresa May: The Enigmatic Prime Minister
A laudable induction to the world of Theresa May.

Book of the week: Economics under the microscope

Book review: Whose Model Is It Anyway? Why Economists Need To Face Up To Reality
An entertaining pamphlet offering plenty of food for thought.

A pugnacious take on markets

Book review: A Man For All Markets: Beating The Odds, From Las Vegas To Wall Street
A Man For All Markets is an entertaining read for those who want to beat the markets, says Matthew Partridge.

A delicious, world-class Bordeaux

This Château Lafon-Rochet has an amazing flavour, with further ageing potential, says Matthew Jukes.

Volvo S90 versus the big Germans

The Volvo S90 is up against some exceedingly good rivals, but the Volvo is a more relaxing place to spend your time.

Properties in remote locations

Including an Edwardian hunting lodge in Beauly, Scotland, an off-grid log cabin in Colorado, and a Grade II-listed house in a country estate in North Wales.

Putin’s Rasputin, Alexander Dugin – and his White House allies

A cheerleader for the Kremlin, Alexander Dugin is out to win friends in Donald Trump’s White House.

Finding the next world-beaters on Aim

Getting it right and avoiding the zombies is a big challenge, but investing in Aim stocks can still make a lot of sense, says David C Stevenson.

Seize the export opportunity

Many smaller businesses are failing to capitalise on the opportunity to increase international sales in the wake of the Brexit vote.

What you can learn from Nick Train’s nightmare with Pearson

Fund manager Nick Train has been remarkably successful. But the nightmare he’s had with one particular dodgy stock holds a lesson for every investor, says John Stepek.

Why you should stuff your Isa with these cheap funds

It makes a lot of sense to open a stocks and shares Isa. But what should you put in it? John Stepek explains why passive funds are an ideal investment.

Is your gold-plated pension safe?

You may have a defined-benefit pension, says David Prosser. But that doesn’t mean you’ll get everything you’ve been promised.

If you’d invested in: Indivior and Next

Drugmaker Indivior is on the up, while retailer Next, once a favourite with investors, has lost its way.

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