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Three reasons Latin America will be the next global breadbasket

For a long time, agriculture in Latin America focused on a few key cash crops. Now, the industry is diversifying – and profiting. James McKeigue explains what’s going on.

How to avoid pension scams

The new pensions freedom rules have attracted the attention of scammers. Piper Terrett explains what you need to watch out for.

Sentimental trick hides a stealth inheritance-tax rise

George Osborne has used sentimentality to distract us from a rise in the inheritance tax allowance, says Merryn Somerset Webb.

Just how dear are stocks really?

Almost everybody agrees stocks are expensive, says Cris Sholto Heaton. But understanding what this means for future returns isn’t so easy.

Emerging markets: invest now in the next China

While ever more value investors are looking to emerging markets, one in particular stands out. David C Stevenson tips the best fund to play it.

Urgent lessons from a hacked Jeep

Hackers recently took control of a Jeep as it was driving. Matthew Partridge asks what we can learn from the incident, and tips one stock to buy now.

A £100 foot rub in Monaco

Ruth Jackson enjoys a foot massage and Michelin-starred dining at Monaco’s Hotel Metropole.

Three fabulous Italian wines for under a tenner

Coming from my favourite co-operative, Mandrarossa, this bright, cheery vermentino is a fabulously evocative.

Simon Chinnery: What full pensions freedom means for you

The age of the annuity is over. It’s time to take responsibility for your own future. Merryn Somerset Webb talks to JP Morgan’s Simon Chinnery.

Snap up these three stocks with attractive yields for the long run

Professional investor Charles Luke tips three London-listed income earners that also have the potential to grow their dividends.

What Jeremy Clarkson’s new TV show means for investors

Amazon snapping up Jeremy Clarkson and co to present a Top Gear clone shows just how far the TV business has come. Matthew Partridge looks at the state of the industry, and picks the best ways for investors to profit.

3 August 1792: Richard Arkwright, ‘Father of the Industrial Revolution’, dies

Richard Arkwright, barber turned textiles magnate, died on this day in 1792, having revolutionised the manufacture of cloth in England.

The City should woo Scottish banks fleeing the 'perma-frendum'

The uncertainty of yet another independence referendum is bad for Scotland’s financial sector, says Matthew Lynn. The City should roll out the welcome mat.

What do we owe India for the Empire?

A recent call for Britain to compensate its former colonies has gone viral. Is it right to pay up? Simon Wilson investigates.

Refugees fleeing chaos storm Eurotunnel

Hundreds of refugees have tried to storm the Eurotunnel Paris terminal this week, attempting to sneak onto buses and trains.

The unlikely rise of Corbynmania

Few across the political spectrum would have foreseen the rise of Jeremy Corbyn as a serious contender to lead the Labour party. Piper Terrett reports.

Properties with holiday lets

From a Grade II-listed, 16th-century manor house in Exmoor National Park to a farmhouse with olive groves and views of the Uccellina Mountains in Tuscany.

China: gravity takes over in the stockmarket

Last Monday, the stockmarket in China fell by 8.5%, its worst day since early 2007, and second-worst percentage drop ever.

Chart of the week: is this the start of the bond crunch?

The commodities crunch is sparking problems in another market – junk bonds, as this chart shows.

Corbynmania is bad news for investors – but not for the reasons you think

Like them or loathe them, politicians such as Jeremy Corbyn have chimed with voters’ fears. John Stepek explains why investors need to take note.

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