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A sensational Cabernet/Merlot blend

Yantra is sensational with buoyant cherry notes and a long, soothing, mineral-spiked finish, says Matthew Jukes.

Three island resorts in the Maldives

For fans of crystal clear water and blue skies, Chris Carter looks at three resorts in the Maldives from which to escape winter.

Steve Bannon: the man who revels in darkness

The new White House chief strategist, Steve Bannon, seems to revel in his sinister reputation.

Snap up Japan’s untapped winners

Professional investor Nicholas Price tips three promising growth stories from the Japanese stock market.

Money makers: the £1.4bn venture founded over a pint

China’s Ctrip has agreed to buy travel website Skyscanner for £1.4bn – a lot of money for a business that began life in the pub, says Chris Carter.

Pension exit fees to be slashed

The government is proposing to limit the exit charges levied by some workplace pension schemes on savers who withdraw their money early. David Prosser explains.

Credit-card perks set to shrink

Rewards offered by credit cards are won’t be as generous as before, but there are still some enticing deals, says Ruth Jackson.

If only you’d invested in: PCI-PAL and 365Agile Group

PCI-PAL develops software that allows call centres to process credit and debit-card payments securely. Since then shares have shot up, and have risen by more than 170% in the last year.

I put an active fund manager on the spot yesterday

John Stepek talks to fund manager Charlie Morris about when you should use an active fund over a passive fund.

Unusual conversions on the market

From a penthouse in the former railway offices of London’s St Pancras station to a converted Arts & Crafts girls’ home in Hildenborough, Kent.

Diana Choyleva: the unravelling of globalisation

Merryn Somerset Webb talks to economist Diana Choyleva about how globalisation is “unravelling”, and what that means for the world economy.

Collectibles: the classic-car boom

Chris Carter takes a look at what’s driving the growth market in classic cars, why Brexit is bad for the art market and how to make a mint from Star Wars.

Backing the next Uber through crowdfunding

Crowding funding can be an innovative way to finance the corporate giants of tomorrow. Ben Judge explains how it works.

A heartless plan for Hyde Park

German architect and theorist Patrik Schumacher’s suggestion to pave over Hyde Park has won few fans.

Put your trust in the insurers

Max King takes a look at the insurance sector, and tips some of the best funds to put your money in now.

Christmas gifts for children

From a Lego doom machine to snug reindeer onesie, here are seven of the best Christmas gifts for kids.

Lilly fails Alzheimer’s test

Eli Lilly’s new treatment has proved ineffective in late-stage trials – yet another blow for a struggling sector, says Ben Judge.

A selection of Christmas presents

Don’t know what to get for your loved one for Christmas? Here are a few gift ideas for the perfect present.

Why value beats growth investing

Matthew Partridge looks at the difference between growth and value investing, and why the latter has won out over the last decade.

Chart of the week: Fund managers grow fat on fees

Britain’s fund-management industry is massive. Yet the industry resembles a cosy oligopoly.

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