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The IMF and the renminbi: China’s coming of age

The IMF’s expected welcoming of the renminbi into its ‘special drawing rights’ is a significant acceptance of China’s position as a global financial player. Simon Wilson reports

School fees: start saving early for your child’s education

The cost of sending a child to private school has quadrupled since 1990 – one child’s school fees plus university could easily top £250,000. So it pays to start saving early, says Sarah Moore.

Why your state pension could fall short

Under new pension rules coming up in April 2016, people who reach state pension age will receive a new “flat-rate” pension in the place of the existing two-tier system. But many retirees could be in for a nasty surprise, says Natalie Stanton.

Properties for around £600,000

This week’s houses for sale: properties for around £600,000 – from a listed manor house within a Welsh National Park to a two-bedroom modern apartment in Wimbledon

Where to see the Northern Lights

From the “wallet-friendly” skies of Iceland to cruising round Norway’s fjords, Chris Carter picks four of the best holidays for viewing the dazzling display of the aurora borealis.

Four promising biotech stocks to buy now

The recent correction in biotech stocks was overdone, says professional investor Dr Daniel Koller. Here, he picks four biotech companies to buy now.

Who prospers after emerging from the Dragons’ Den of crowdfunding?

Making successful investment decisions requires accurate data on performance, risk and returns. That’s something that’s desperately needed in crowdfunding, says David C Stevenson.

Audi’s gargantuan motor goes 'green'

Audi claims 166 miles per gallon for its gargantuan Q7 SUV plug-in hybrid. But you might manage 50.

The rich must be wired differently

If £295,000 for a handbag sounds reasonable to you, perhaps you need to take a good long look at yourself.

The global downturn? It’s already here

The US Federal Reserve’s talk of “normalising” rates might be a tad optimistic, says Bill Bonner.

Speculators are massively short the euro – but I think it’s about to turn

Speculators are queueing up to bet against the euro, with bears outnumbering bulls by 33 to one. But the downward trend could be about to reverse, says John C Burford.

Wine of the week: a malbec in a league of its own

This 2011 malbec is as sumptuous and decadent as a wine five times the price, says Matthew Jukes.

Why bigger is better for diamonds

Like fine wine and pricey art, huge diamonds depend on the fortunes of the super-rich, for whom all seems well.

Something big brews in bonds

The lack of liquidity in the bond market could see a sell-off turn into a rout, with prices tumbling as everyone tries to sell – but nobody wanting to buy.

Jim Slater: the godfather of asset-stripping who made – then lost – a fortune

Jim Slater, the legendary 1970s financier who died last week aged 86, started his own business, lost a fortune, and then made another one.

Stocking-fillers: two lingerie stocks to watch

Christmas is, apparently, associated with underwear. Alex Williams looks into the sector, and picks the two best lingerie-makers to buy now.

Are the Saudis about to push the oil price higher? Don’t hold your breath

Oil bulls are hoping that Saudi Arabia will cut production to prop up the flagging oil price. But they’re likely to be disappointed, says John Stepek. Here’s why.

Chart of the week: gold loses its lustre

The amount of cash invested in America’s biggest gold-backed exchange-traded find, the SPDR Gold ETF, is a stark illustration of investors’ growing disenchantment with gold.

27 November 1967: Charles de Gaulle vetoes Britain's entry to the EEC

On this day in 1967, French president Charles de Gaulle vetoed Britain’s attempt to join the European Economic Community, claiming Britain didn’t agree with the core ideas of integration.

Why we’re backing Brexit

We love Europe – the continent, the food, the culture. But the EU is an undemocratic leviathan. Britain should leave, says Charlie Morris.

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