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Looking for property bargains? Don’t turn to the US

Since the sub-prime bust, US property has been recovering nicely. Many experts expect that to continue. But Matthew Partridge isn’t so sure. Here, he explains why.

Back gold miners and the Nasdaq – plus ten more predictions for 2015

Dominic Frisby dusts off his crystal ball and picks his top 12 investment predictions for 2015.

US housing recovery sputters

America’s two-year housing market rebound appears to be running out of steam.

The best way to profit as the US housing recovery continues

America’s house prices have risen by 15% in the last two years. And there’s life in the recovery yet. Matthew Partridge picks the best way to play US property.

An adventurous play on the US housing recovery

America’s housing market is going from strength to strength. So how can you profit? John Stepek picks a high-risk play for adventurous investors.

America's housing recovery gathers speed

House prices in America are rising at their fastest rate since 2006.

American property has turned the corner - the time to buy is now

We’re at the beginning of a multi-year recovery story in the US property market. But what are the best investments? David C Stevenson explains.

The US property recovery is here to stay – here’s what to buy

After a long and painful slide, US property prices have started to pick up this year. And this recovery is set to last. Here, Matthew Partridge picks the best ways for you to profit.

Housing recovery boosts US economy

America’s housing recovery is gaining momentum, according to the latest data, and it is bolstering other parts of the economy too.

Mortgage boom lifts US banks

American banks have reported better than expected third quarter earnings following the Federal Reserve’s intervention in the housing market.

Housing rebound gains strength

While property in America is still cheap, the US housing recovery has picked up pace.

US housing rally has legs

After having fallen by a third, house prices in America have begun to rally.

Have US house prices hit the bottom?

A key US house-price indicator has posted its strongest gains for two and a half years.

The best investment of all time?

Bill Bonner explains why the American house is a better deal now than it’s ever been.

Let’s buy some houses!

This could be the best time to buy US property in years, says Bill Bonner.

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