How to view the MoneyWeek app on your iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch

You will also find our most frequently asked questions about MoneyWeek app for the iPad and iPhone on this page.


You can now download and view MoneyWeek magazine on your iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch using the MoneyWeek app (please note that iOS5 or above needed).

The MoneyWeek app is free to download and existing MoneyWeek print and digital-only subscribers can receive access to the full contents by following the five simple steps below...

•  If you don't have an Apple device or your iPhone or iPod Touch isn't compatible with iOS5, don't worry as you can still download and view the digital version of MoneyWeek on-screen or as a pdf directly by logging into our website here.

•  If you are not a current MoneyWeek subscriber, you can take a free trial of MoneyWeek here.

Downloading and activating the MoneyWeek app…

Step 1: Download the MoneyWeek App from the App Store by searching 'MoneyWeek' or clicking here.

Step 2: Once downloaded, open Newsstand and click on the MoneyWeek issue cover (see below).


Step 3: Then when the app opens, you'll be shown several options. Tap the button 'Existing subscriber?' (see below).

(fig. 2)

Step 4: Enter your unique subscriber reference number into the box and tap on 'Activate' (see below).


You can find your 8/9 digit subscriber reference number in the following places:

• In the ' password' email you received 12 - 48 hours after subscribing to MoneyWeek (please note: this is a different email to the one you received immediately after subscribing).

• At the top of the weekly 'MoneyWeek latest issue' email sent to you every Friday morning.

• to the right of your name on the plastic outer wrapper of the magazine (see below) or in your weekly 'latest issue' email.

If you don't have any of these, please contact one of our customer service representatives on 0207 633 3620 or send us an email here.


You can now access every recent digital issue of MoneyWeek for free and benefit from the following app features:

  • The MoneyWeek app is a small file size, so you can download it in just a few minutes on an average broadband connection.

  • Once you've downloaded the issue, you can read it wherever you like. There's no need to stay connected to the internet.

  • You can easily change the size of the text to suit you. And there's a special "night mode" designed to be easier on your eyes in dark or dimly lit places.

  • You can either tap through to your favourite section, or read page by page.

  • Using in app purchase you can choose to buy single issues or a quarterly or yearly subscription.

  • Once you subscribe you will have complete access to every available issue.

  • New issues are released every Friday. If you have iOS 5 or above and an active internet connection they will automatically appear in your Newsstand. Otherwise you can download them manually.

Frequently asked questions

What is the MoneyWeek app?

A simple and convenient way to read MoneyWeek magazine each week on your iPad, iPhone & iPod touch. The latest issue is available to download each Friday morning.

What devices does it work on?

The app is currently only available for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. We recommend running iOS5 or above to enjoy the best app performance. Unfortunately any device with earlier operating systems may not work. To check which version of iOS your device has by going to settings > general > about > then look for the version heading and note the number next to it.

What if I don't have IOS5 or an Apple device?

If you don't have an Apple device or your operating system is below iOS5, don't worry as you can still download and view the digital version of MoneyWeek on-screen or as a pdf directly though our website. Simply click here.

How do I get the MoneyWeek app?

You can download it from the App Store by clicking here {needs link}.

How long does it take to download issues?

A single issue on a reasonable wifi connection issues download in less than a minute. Simply tap the 'Download' button under any issue you're entitled to read.

I already subscribe to MoneyWeek, do I have to pay for a separate subscription to access the App?

No, as an existing subscriber you can download issues completely free of charge. If you are not a subscriber, click here to take a free trial here.

I don't know what my subscriber reference number is, where do I find it?

You can find your 8/9 digit subscriber reference number to the right of your name on the plastic wrapper of the magazine (see the image below) or in our weekly latest issue email.


If you don't have either of these please contact one of our customer service representatives on 0207 633 3620 or send us an email by clicking here.

I've reset my iPad or iPhone and lost my purchases/ issues.

If you have bought your subscription directly from MoneyWeek simply enter your subscriber reference number and you can download the issues you want to read (see above).

If you subscriber directly through iTunes then you should go to the Settings tab in the top right had corner of the app and select 'Restore Purchases'. iTunes will remember what you have downloaded and paid for.

I want to cancel my digital subscription. What should I do?

If you ordered your digital subscription directly through MoneyWeek then you can simply contact us on 0207 633 3620 to cancel.

If you ordered your digital subscription through iTunes, you will need to follow the steps detailed under the section 'Turning off auto-renewing subscriptions on an iOS device' here:

I'm not sure if I placed my order directly with MoneyWeek or through the iTunes store.

You can check this by opening up the MoneyWeek app in Newsstand and tapping the Settings icon in the top right hand corner.

•  If you placed your order directly with MoneyWeek then you will see 'Subscription Active' and the 'Deactivate' button. N.B. Please note: pressing 'deactivate' will not cancel your subscription with MoneyWeek. (See the response above on how to cancel your subscription. )

•  If you subscribe through iTunes, then 'iTunes Subscription Active' will appear.

If you don't find the answer that you're looking for, please call 0207 633 3620 or email us directly by clicking here .

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