How to invest in private equity

If you want access to fast-growing private businesses, then finding the right private-equity fund is your only sensible option. Luckily, the UK stockmarket boasts some of the best private-equity [...]

University challenge

How to profit from Britain's innovation explosion

  • Why creative destruction works

Just what is a fund anyway?

There are two main types of fund out there for investors to invest in. Merryn Somerset Webb explains how they work, and which is her favourite.

Video: Why we like investment trusts

Investment trusts are a relatively cheap and simple way of investing in the stockmarket. Ed Bowsher explains why at MoneyWeek, we much prefer them to other funds.

I put an active fund manager on the spot yesterday

John Stepek talks to fund manager Charlie Morris about when you should use an active fund over a passive fund.

Put your trust in the insurers

Max King takes a look at the insurance sector, and tips some of the best funds to put your money in now.

Chart of the week: Fund managers grow fat on fees

Britain’s fund-management industry is massive. Yet the industry resembles a cosy oligopoly.

Three questions to ask an active fund manager before you buy

For many investors, passive funds are a better option than active funds. But if you do want an active fund, how do you pick a good one? John Stepek explains.

Who will prosper under Trump?

Now that the markets have got over the shock of a Trump victory in the US presidential election, David C Stevenson looks at which funds to buy.

Two simple steps to avoiding fund management rip-offs

The FCA has confirmed what we’ve known for ages: fund management fees are too high, and performance is not good enough. John Stepek explains what you can do about it.

Follow the optimists into Japan

Fund managers are optimistic about Japan and for good reason, says Max King. Investors should follow their lead.

Why fund fees matter

When of the most important things for long-term investors in funds to consider is costs. Matthew Partridge explains.

A People's trust for Citizen Smith

This new People’s Trust sounds very radical, says David C Stevenson, but it’s really a return to the historic roots of the investment-trust industry back in the Victorian era.

Earn a 3.5% yield from healthcare

David C Stevenson looks at the best healthcare and biotech investment trusts to tuck away in your portfolio.

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A simple, easy to manage portfolio of six of the best investment trusts, selected by Merryn Somerset Webb, offering defensiveness, stability, exposure to growth, and some income.
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