Exploit China’s shares gap

If you're planning to invest in China, it's useful to understand that there are two classes of shares: "A" shares and "H" shares. Sarah Moore explains the difference.

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Just what is a fund anyway?

There are two main types of fund out there for investors to invest in. Merryn Somerset Webb explains how they work, and which is her favourite.

Video: Why we like investment trusts

Investment trusts are a relatively cheap and simple way of investing in the stockmarket. Ed Bowsher explains why at MoneyWeek, we much prefer them to other funds.

Should you buy active or passive funds?

Merryn Somerset Webb looks at the differences between active and passive funds.

Exploit China’s shares gap

If you’re planning to invest in China, it’s useful to understand that there are two classes of shares: “A” shares and “H” shares. Sarah Moore explains the difference.

Fund in focus: Marlborough Special Situations Fund

The Marlborough Special Situations Fund is based on a very simple premise: smaller companies tend to grow more quickly than large ones.

A catastrophic time for hedgies

Hedge funds charge high fees because they employ the best people. That story is getting ever harder to believe, says Sarah Moore.

What's good for the soul can be good for returns

Many investors would like to put their money into ethical funds. But will ethical investing affect the returns you get? Matthew Partridge investigates.

How to pick up some good investment trusts on the cheap

Right now you can pick up some very good investment trusts so cheaply that they have a good chance of outperforming the market.

Buy China for the long term

Many investors may have been put off China by the dramatic swings in the market. Sarah Moore explains why that’s a mistake.

The world’s best stockpicker proves the case for passive investing

Warren Buffett, the world’s most famous stockpicker, has just given an update on an eight-year-old bet he made on the benefits of passive investing. The results might surprise you.

Feeling brave? Then head to the frontier

Investing in frontier stocks is of course risky, says Sarah Moore. But these two markets could hold rewards for the brave.

A rocky ride in emerging markets

Emerging-market stocks represent decent long-term value. But as David C Stevenson explains, it’s time to tread carefully.

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In the summer of 2012, Merryn Somerset Webb created a portfolio of the best investment trusts. Here's how they have been performing.