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Video: Why we like investment trusts

Investment trusts are a relatively cheap and simple way of investing in the stock market. Ed Bowsher explains why at MoneyWeek, we much prefer them to other funds.

Buy small stocks – you have a big advantage

Ed Bowsher explains why small-cap stocks can give you a big advantage over City investors, and picks two of the best ways to buy in.

A trio giving China a run for its money

Matthew Partridge looks at some of the best funds to profit from Southeast Asia’s rapid growth.

How to play the surging dollar

As the Fed prepares to stop its QE programme, the dollar is spiking upwards. John Stepek looks at how you can profit.

The end of the American empire – and what it means for markets

America’s economic power is waning – that makes for a less certain world. Merryn Somerset Webb explains what that means for your investments.

Want a quality asset to buy and hold that pays a steady income?

Every investor should pop some property in their portfolio. Real estate investment trusts (Reits) are the way to do it, says David C Stevenson.

Brazil looks a great investment – and a half-decent government would make it even better

Brazil could soon have a pro-business government. That’s great news for investors. But whoever wins the election, there are plenty of reasons to invest there, says Ed Bowsher.

These new funds are dodgy – watch out for them

Beware many of the infrastructure funds being touted at the moment. Bengt Saelensminde explains why he wouldn’t touch them with a barge pole.

Buy India at a 13% discount with this fund

With a business-friendly government, a highly-educated middle class, and a young, growing population, the case for investing in India is strong. Ed Bowsher picks the best way to do it.

What will happen to the trendy new lenders as interest rates rise?

P2P loans are really just bonds, which means they could soon be in trouble. David C Stevenson explains why diversification is the key to healthy returns.

Everyone’s into buying ‘quality’ – but just what does that really mean?

The word ‘quality’ gets bandied about by investors. David C Stevenson finds out what it really means, and tips the best funds to buy now.

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In the summer of 2012, Merryn Somerset Webb created a portfolio of the best investment trusts. Here, she looks at how they have been performing.