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We have three free emails: Money Morning, Capital & Conflict, and Exponential Investor to help you understand what's going on in the financial world, packed with tips on making, investing and saving money.

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John-Stepek Money Morning is our FREE daily investment email. In just a couple of minutes' enjoyable reading each morning, John Stepek (our editor) and regular guest contributors explain to you:

What's been going on in the markets
How the day's economic and political developments will affect your wealth
The latest investment opportunities, and how you can profit

"Money Morning is fantastic... Your outlook and comments are far more interesting and relevant compared to the garbage spewed forth by talking heads on TV and what is found in the daily press." Bob Connolly, JP Morgan Chase & Co.

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Dan Denning Capital & Conflict is like having direct access to some of the world's leading financial economic experts. Award winning City fund managers. Best selling financial authors. Traders, brokers, entrepreneurs, businessmen and women.

Our analysts and experts are based all over the planet. But they all share three vital qualities:

They all think about the financial world in an interesting way.
They're all guaranteed to challenge you and make you think.
And they're all working to deliver unique and unusual investment ideas that give you an edge in the markets.

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Nick O'Connor Exponential Investor, published by Nick O'Connor, will make you a sharper, better informed and more successful investor.

There are three specific advantages reading Exponential Investor will give you, each of which is designed to help you make better, more informed decisions to help you grow your money.

• Edge no.1: Higher quality information
• Edge no.2: Superior analysis
• Edge no.3: Valuable and unique perspective

In short, we can venture outside of the mainstream and shine a light on ideas no one else is focusing on. Nine out of ten of these may never come to fruition. The one that does will make a fortune.

This is our mission. It’s why we’ll write to you, free of charge, every day at 2pm.

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