Fleet Street Letter – all you need to know about fracking

The Fleet Street Letter's comprehensive guide to everything you need to know about shale gas and fracking – including our latest research, recommendations and other useful information.

Fleet Street Letter 'Wealth Protection' reportHow you could make a fortune from Britain's coming shale boom

If someone asked me to point out the ONE bright spot for Britain right now, my answer would be simple: The natural gas boom.

You see, all over the world right now a new drilling known as 'fracking' is opening up massive new reserves of energy that have been trapped for thousands of years.

Why is this so important?

Well, natural gas is a lot cheaper and cleaner than oil. And although it's controversial many people believe it could ultimately replace oil as the world's dominant power source.

You can discover exactly how we recommend playing the natural gas boom here.

Fracking FAQs: what is it, and why is it in the news?

Hydraulic fracturing - more commonly known as 'fracking' - has already led to an oil and gas boom in some parts of America. And now it's coming to Britain. In this guide to fracking, discover everything you need to know about the energy revolution.

7 March 2014: Fracking Update

David has been in the studio this week, recording a video update on the fracking story. To watch the video update, click the window below:

FSL #2427: This is your "pick and shovel" play on the fracking boom

Britain's shale gas story continues to gather pace. In the last few weeks, our French oil giant Total (FP) has announced it will become the first "oil major" to invest in British shale gas extraction via a deal with our other UK shale stock, IGas Energy (IGAS). IGas will sell Total a 40% interest in two Lincolnshire gas exploration licences and the French oil firm will fund a work programme of up to $46.5m, with a minimum commitment of $19.5m. That's small beer for Total, but it gave IGas shares a very nice boost.

FSL #2426: Britain will never be the same again

We have been writing about the coming fracking boom in Britain for a couple of years now. But 2014 feels like the year when it will finally happen. We now have the ability to access vast reserves of gas (and oil) held in shale formations throughout the country. And with the political will to develop these resources, the story is picking up pace.

FSL #2424: Will you take advantage of Britain's fracking revolution?

Over the last two weeks I've spoken to a great many readers about a hugely emotive topic – fracking. Ever since we published our recent fracking report people have been ringing and emailing us to give their opinion on the subject.

FSL #2402: The three big stories for 2013

This is the last newsletter of 2012. And looking back, this has been a year when we've sought to reassert the Fleet Street Letter as a contrarian publication. We've recommended stocks that are deeply unpopular among British investors. Shipping groups. Insurance. Retailers. These are the stocks that have been left behind during the monetary experiments of the last year.

FSL #2388: Buy the fuel of the future before it changes Britain

One of the biggest challenges that we face today is finding a reliable source of energy. No current mass energy source is ideal. Coal makes too much mess. As does oil – and anyway, it's needed for lots of other uses too. Nuclear energy is widely seen as too high risk, while solar and wind both come with very high price tags.