UK economy

Push for profits

Invest with the activists to earn higher returns, says Matthew Partridge

Boris rocks the Brexit boat

The foreign secretary upset the government by wading into Brexit with his views. Matthew Partridge reports.

Chart of the week: tap and pay takes off

Contactless card transactions have rocketed. In the first half of 2017 we spent £23bn by contactless, almost as much as the £25bn for the whole of 2015.

The UK cities that will be most affected by Brexit

Brexit will affect the whole of the UK – but not uniformly: some places will benefit while others will not. Matthew Partridge finds out which cities will be most affected.

The next financial crisis is coming – and it’s all Richard Nixon’s fault

We’re almost certain to see another financial crisis soon, says John Stepek. And you can blame it all on Richard Nixon.

UK cities should follow Amazon’s blueprint for success

If we want to regenerate our cities, says Matthew Lynn, we should look at Amazon’s list of demands for its new US HQ, and meet as many of the criteria as possible.

“Monster” Repeal Bill passes first test

The Great Repeal Bill, which transfers some 12,000 EU laws on to the British statute book, passed its first hurdle in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

A stockmarket for the many, not the few

We’ve drifted a long way from the ‘80s and ‘90s goals of a shareholding democracy, says Max King. A new investment trust aims to get us back on course.

A whiff of the 1970s in the air

With disgruntled unions and inflation on the rise, investors can be forgiven for having a sense of deja vu, says Merryn Somerset Webb.

The Bank of England cries wolf again – but the villagers still come running

Bank of England governor Mark Carney made the right noises on interest rates again today. But ​yet again ​​failed to follow through with any action.

Bad news for savers – positive real interest rates are a long way off

“Real” interest rates – after inflation – have fallen to negative 2.65%. And they’re unlikely to turn positive any time soon. In fact, they could fall further still, says John Stepek.

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