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How likely is a UK-US trade deal?

Theresa May and Donald Trump shaking hands in the Oval Office © Getty images

President Donald Trump has pledged to maintain a trade deal with Britain after Brexit in March 2019. On what terms and is it in Britain’s interests to sign up?

Trump turns away the huddled masses

Donald Trump © Rex Features

President Donald Trump last week signed an executive order banning people from seven Muslim-majority countries has caused chaos.

Donald Trump’s energy revolution

Scott Pruitt © Rex Features

The new president has vowed to slash green regulations and promote fossil fuels. But is this anything more than hot air? Simon Wilson reports.

What to buy as Trump pumps

Donald Trump © Getty images

Charlie Morris reveals what investors should be buying to profit from the new era of Donald Trump politics.

Will Trump be good for stocks?


It’s that time of the presidential cycle again: when a new leader takes over, and the financial media produces a flood of articles speculating on his likely impact on stocks.

Trump: he really meant what he said

Donald and Melania Trump © Getty images

Does Donald Trump really believe the things he says? Emily Hohler reports.

For better or worse, Trump’s policies are reflationary

Donald Trump © Getty Images

Protectionism; lower taxes; huge walls in the desert. Whatever you think of them, there’s no doubt that Donald Trump’s policies are inflationary. And that’s good for stocks – for now.

Markets get an overdue wake-up call on Donald Trump


The “Trump factor” is wearing off, as markets realise that America’s new president might not be Wall Street’s new best friend. John Stepek explains what that means for investors.

Will Trump survive his term?

Mike Pence © Alamy

The chances are Donald Trump will get himself impeached, says Matthew Lynn. But a President Pence could be just what the markets need.

One of Trump’s better ideas

George H Bush © Alamy

Lost among some of Donald Trump’s more questionable statements was the proposal to scrap the tax deductibility of interest expenses.

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