The currency wars

In increasingly desperate attempts to bolster their economies, many of the world's central banks are following policies of money printing- so called 'quantitative easing' - and lowering interest rates, pushing down the value of their currencies. Here we examine why, what it means for you, and how you can profit.

Five threats to your wealth

The threat of Greece leaving the eurozone has investors feeling jittery. But it’s far from the only big risk out there. John Stepek looks at the top five.

An urgent message from Japan’s central bank – buy Japanese stocks now!

Japan’s quantitative easing programme is the biggest in the world. And it just got bigger. That’s great news for Japanese stocks, says John Stepek.

How to bunker your wealth from the global currency wars

The global currency wars have entered a new phase – and investors should act to safeguard their wealth, says John Stepek. Here, he explains how.

The currency wars are heating up – here’s how to profit

With the world’s central bankers continuing to print money and cut interest rates, there seems to be no let-up in the currency wars. John Stepek explains what it means for your money, and how to profit.

Britain’s money-printing presses will roll again soon: here’s how to profit

With the economy still in a mess, there’s likely to be more money-printing from the Bank of England. Matthew Partridge explains how you can profit.

The best house in a bad neighbourhood

Set against a backdrop of widespread money printing, the dollar has continued to strengthen.

A big day in the currency wars – here’s what it means for you

Thursday sees the results of central bank meetings in Europe, Britain and Japan. How will their decisions affect your wealth? John Stepek explains.

How to diversify out of sterling

Exchange-traded currencies (ETCs) are a great way to gain exposure to foreign currencies, whilst avoiding expensive bank dealing spreads. Paul Amery reports.

A turning point for sterling? Don’t bet on it

After sliding against the dollar in recent weeks, the pound has bounced back. But don’t think the plunge is over just yet, says John Stepek. Here, he looks at the truth behind the rally.

The pound will get trashed. What can you do?

Sterling has fallen hard against other major currencies since the beginning of the year. And its troubles are only going to get worse. John Stepek explains how you can profit.

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