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Commodities: the MoneyWeek view

August 2015: Copper getting cheaper Copper prices have slumped to a six-year low. But looming falls in mine production imply a slowdown in supply growth, which should close the gap with lacklustre demand growth. Shares in miners may now have fallen enough to be worth buying.

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Oil has had a staggering slump – but we haven’t seen capitulation yet

Oil companies face a huge challenge – prices are collapsing, but they can’t stop pumping. The slide won’t stop until the bankruptcies begin, says John Stepek.

It’s Black Monday for China – but this isn’t ‘the Big One’

China’s stockmarket has taken a battering, and the panic is starting to spread across the globe. But it’s only a matter of time before central banks step in, says John Stepek.

Get ready for deflation – hold gold and ditch leveraged growth stocks

China’s decision to devalue the yen is a clear signal for investors to take cover, says Tim Price. That means holding gold.

Winners and losers as the oil price slides

The slide in oil prices since last year is slowly reshaping the global balance of power.

The Fed will tell you when it’s time to buy back into commodities

Commodities giant Glencore sent investors a clear sell signal in 2011. John Stepek explains why investors looking to buy back into the sector should look to the Federal Reserve.

Gold: the best defence in a genuine currency war

The currency wars are hotting up. And as Dominic Frisby explains, it’s giving investors a very compelling new reason to hold gold.

What’s wrong with British dairy farmers?

Dairy farmers are protesting against low milk prices and farmers unions want the government to intervene. Are supermarkets to blame, or is dairy production flawed? Matthew Partridge reports.

Investors bail out of commodity funds

Commodities investors have had a hard time of late, says Hector Reid. But it’s been even worse for hedge fund managers.

Oil price will stay lower for longer

With the price of Brent crude slipping to a six-month low, it won’t be long before triple-digit prices are a distant memory.

Canada: another victim of the commodities downturn

While the American economy is slowly gathering strength, its northern neighbour is sputtering to a halt as commodities slide.

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