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Getting to grips with commodities

Investors looking to diversify their portfolios should turn to commodities, having got to grips with shares and bonds, says Merryn Somerset Webb.

Gold bugs rejoice – central bankers think you’re on to something

Showing a remarkable lack of faith in their efforts to control the global economy, central banks have been piling into gold since 2008. John Stepek explains what’s going on.

Silver is set for long-term gains

Silver has had an excellent year so far, rising by 40% to two-year highs around $19 an ounce. And its longer-term prospects look good.

Chart of the week: platinum loses its shine

Platinum prices have ticked up from a seven-year low in January. But a slowdown in Europe may temper demand, and recycling has added to supplies and helped make up for production declines in South Africa.

Why now looks like a great time to invest in resources stocks

Stuffing your portfolio with commodities isn’t a particularly good idea, says John Stepek. But commodity producing stocks are an entirely different kettle of fish. Here’s why.

The end of the natural gas glut

A multi-year glut, which has depressed natural gas prices, is nearing an end.

Chart of the week: Norway taps its piggy bank

For the first time since Norway set up its sovereign wealth fund in 1996, the state has tapped it to cover some public spending.

Can Russia and Saudi Arabia drive oil prices back up?

Russia and Saudi Arabia hope to curb output to raise prices. Would that work? John Stepek looks at the oil investment cycle – and foresees the end of an era.

The oil price bounce: too much too soon

The oil price jumped from around $42 to more than $50 a barrel in August. But in the past few days the momentum has weakened.

Chart of the week: wheat mountain weighs on prices

In 2008, wheat prices briefly spiked above $13 a bushel, sparking food riots in emerging markets. Since then, they have slumped by more than 70%.

Now’s the time to buy the gold miners

The year had been an absolute belter for gold stocks – now we’re seeing the correction. Yet with upside ahead and miners still cheap, this is a buying opportunity, says Dominic Frisby.

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