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Commodities: the MoneyWeek view

December 2014: Buy miners It's been a tricky time for many industrial commodities. And that's taken its toll on mining giants. Agricultural commodities have had a better time of it. But it's best to play this with fertiliser and farm-equipment stocks rather than bets on soft commodities themselves.

See our view on all the major asset classes here.

Will Putin slip on cheap oil?

Russia makes much of its money from selling oil, and is being squeezed by the falling price. Can the country’s president survive as his fellow countrymen turn glum? Simon Wilson reports.

Oil plunges to a five-year low

The price of oil has fallen by nearly half since the summer, with possible further lows to come.

US pre-open: New York seen opening higher on good retail sales data

American markets are expected to be buoyed by positive retail sales data in the US.

FTSE 100 up in early trade but investors remain wary

The FTSE 100 opened higher this morning, despite headwinds from Japan and Europe.

How you can profit from this huge energy story that no one is talking about

Nuclear power is back in favour as governments seek a cheap, clean alternative to fossil fuels. Matthew Partridge picks the best way for you to profit.

There’s big money to be made in an oil rally – here’s where I’m buying

Oil’s once-in-a-decade plunge is likely to be followed by one heck of a rally. Dominic Frisby looks at when that might come, and how you could profit.

FTSE 100 hurt by triple whammy of economic data

A flurry of economic data sees investors take a more cautious stance this morning.

The biggest threat to investors today – the US recovery

The US economic recovery is good news for the average American. But it might not be for the rest of the world. John Stepek explains how it could derail financial markets.

Swiss reject gold standard

Voters in Switzerland have rejected by a wide margin proposals to force the central bank to buy large quantities of gold.

The meltdown in the cocoa price

Fears over a shortfall of cocoa now look to have been overdone as the price plummets.

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