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Africa: a market to be reckoned with

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Commodities: the MoneyWeek view

July 2015: A long-term agriculture boom Rising incomes in emerging markets should lead to greater consumption of meat, but will also increase demand for commodities such as coffee, sugar and chocolate as diets become more Westernised. Play this theme through food and fertiliser stocks.

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The biggest secret in the gold market for the past six years is revealed

The amount of gold China owns has long been a secret. But now it’s out, and it’s less than anyone thought. John Stepek looks at why China’s coming clean now.

Saudi Arabia's 'Spinal Tap' policy

Saudi Arabia is showing the global oil market that only one producer is capable of ramping up production.

The oil price war is set to get vicious

In a bid to squeeze US shale producers out of the market, Saudi Arabia has been pumping more oil than ever. Now, with Iran set to re-enter the oil market, things are going to get nasty, says John Stepek.

Don’t expect an oil-price bounce

The oil price could head lower in the near future – and won’t bounce significantly for some time.

Oil prices have crashed again – but don’t expect it to last

The oil price had been staging a comeback. But now it’s taken another tumble. Matthew Partridge looks at how far it might fall, and how you could profit.

BP moves to end long legal battle

Last week BP agreed to settle all government lawsuits surrounding the Deepwater Horizon disaster for a total of $18.7bn. Matthew Partridge looks at where the oil giant goes from here, and whether its worth buying.

How much worse can the commodity bear market get?

The commodity bear market is in its fifth year. And industrial metal prices are nearer the bottom than the top, says Dominic Frisby. But how much lower can they go?

Profit from strong yields from agriculture: three stocks to buy now

The global food and agricultural economy is undergoing real change. Professional stockpickers Henry Boucher and Edward Bailey tip three shares to profit.

The assets to buy now – July 2015

Asset allocation is at least as important as individual share selection. So where should you be putting your money? Here’s July’s take on the major assets to buy now.

Fracking rejected in Blackpool

The nascent UK fracking industry has suffered a major setback following Cuadrilla’s failed bid to drill four exploratory wells.

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