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Commodities: the MoneyWeek view

August 2014: Good value Metals prices have perked up. China's economy has strengthened, and the global recovery goes on at a steady but sedate pace. Mining stocks remain good value. Long-term prices of soft commodities will rise as populations swell and more land is needed. Play the trend with fertiliser and farm equipment stocks.

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The white-hot white metals

Platinum and palladium prices have soared, and there could be further to go yet.

A ‘perfect storm’ could send these two precious metals soaring

The price of platinum and palladium is set to rise as supply problems continue and demand increases. Dominic Frisby picks the best ways for you to invest.

Hedge your portfolio against global conflict

It won’t take much to set off a domino-effect that leads to markets crashing. Bengt Saelensminde explains an easy way to protect your portfolio.

Have we just hit ‘peak gold’? I’m betting we have

Gold production hit a record high in 2013. But that record could stand for many years, says Dominic Frisby. New discoveries are drying up – we may have hit ‘peak gold’.

How you could make money from fracking without buying shares in an oil company

Matthew Partridge explains how you could cash in by helping the fracking industry work more cleanly and efficiently.

The 12 investments our experts would buy into now

How might renewables change the face of energy? And where should investors look for profits? John Stepek talks to our Roundtable of experts.

Gold’s quiet comeback

Gold has been among the best performing assets this year and could continue rising.

How to profit as the tech revolution transforms mining

John Stepek looks at how some of the hottest trends in the tech world are transforming the lowest-tech industry of them all – mining.

We’ve just seen the biggest ever lithium deal – what’s next?

Bengt Saelensminde looks at a small-cap lithium miner and asks if it could become the next multi-billion dollar producer.

Gold is still looking good – but watch this price level closely

There have been some very interesting developments in the gold market recently, says Dominic Frisby. Could we be looking at the start of a new bull run?

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