Big oil’s bargain hunt

Shell’s £47bn bid for BG suggests the oil sector is set for another round of major deals. But investors should avoid getting carried away, says John Stepek.

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Commodities: the MoneyWeek view

April 2015: Low expectations for metals A big rebound seems unlikely for raw materials. But prices could perk up a bit in the next few months. Copper looks oversold, and may rise modestly. In the longer term, agricultural commodities should see a bull market. Play this with fertiliser and farm-equipment stocks.

See our view on all the major asset classes here.

Chart of the week: iron ore plummets to a decade low

Iron ore, the main ingredient in steel, has suffered a nasty slump, with the price plummeting below $50 a ton.

Will the deal with Iran dampen oil prices?

Th deal with Iran paves the way for a resumption of oil exports, raising the prospect of yet more oil hitting an already oversupplied market.

The Shell BG deal will be the first of many – which oil giant is next?

Shell’s takeover of BG Group will spark a wave of mergers in the energy sector. John Stepek asks – who will be next?

Clean energy is up 30% already this year – here’s why

As one of the top performing sectors so far this year, renewable energy offers investors some great opportunities to profit, says Bengt Saelensminde.

Are oil prices about to bounce back?

Oil prices have continued to yo-yo over the past few days, with a bounce induced by the conflict in Yemen fading.

The assets to buy now – April 2015

Asset allocation is at least as important as individual share selection. So where should you be putting your money? Here’s April’s take on the major asset classes.

These innovative small companies are leading the charge against the UK’s energy problems

David Thornton looks at the smaller energy companies that are turning Britain’s urgent power-shortage problem to their advantage.

BlackRock World Mining: when sorry isn’t good enough

BlackRock’s mining investment trust suffered a dismal year. And for many investors, the changes will offer scant consolation.

Compared to gold, UK property is starting to look expensive

At current prices, it takes 232 ounces of gold to buy the average UK house – up 60% in the last three years. Here, Dominic Frisby compares the two markets.

The oil price has bottomed out – here’s why

The price of oil has been flattened since last summer. Now it’s hit rock bottom. John Stepek explains why you should get ready for a rebound in the price.

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