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The best property buys in the eurozone

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Commodities: the MoneyWeek view

May 2015: Low expectations for metals Raw materials are treading water, and a sustained upswing isn't likely yet. Agricultural commodities are in a structural bull market owing to the dwindling supply of arable land amid climate change and rising populations. Play the theme with fertiliser and farm-equipment stocks.

See our view on all the major asset classes here.

Silver embarks on a wild ride

Silver is often written off as a cheap version of gold, but it is extremely volatile, and impossible to predict.

What my trip to Thailand taught me about gold demand

Westerners couldn’t be less interested in gold. But it’s a different matter in the East, says Dominic Frisby. Here, he looks at what Asian demand means for the gold price.

How to profit from the oil price rally

After sliding to well under $50 a barrel, the oil price has bounced back. Matthew Partridge explains why, and looks at how much further the rally has to go.

Sebastian Lyon: It’ll be a long wait till stocks are cheap again

Hold gold and Treasuries and prepare for inflation. Merryn Somerset Webb talks to Troy Asset Management’s Sebastian Lyon.

Tesla's Powerwall: a leap forward for green energy

Tesla’s new battery technology could revolutionise the energy market.

Chart of the week: Uranium is set for a rebound

Uranium is set for a rebound after a fall in the price caused by the Fukushima disaster.

Tesla’s battery revolution: is this the ‘tipping point’ for solar energy?

Tesla’s ‘Powerwall’ battery system aims to bring down the cost of energy storage. Matthew Partridge asks if this is the ‘tipping point’ for solar energy.

The assets to buy now – May 2015

Asset allocation is at least as important as individual share selection. So where should you be putting your money? Here’s May’s take on the major asset classes.

Tesla is announcing a game-changing new product this Thursday

US electric car maker Tesla is set to announce a product that could revolutionise the renewable energy sector. Bengt Saelensminde explains what’s on the cards.

How to profit from clean, green energy

Cheap oil has not been the drag on renewable energy that you might think, says Matthew Partridge. Here, he explains why – and picks the best ways to profit from the trend.

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