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Commodities: the MoneyWeek view

April 2014: Can the rebound continue? The gradual recovery in the West bodes well. But China's infrastructure growth has slowed, and supply looks healthy too as output has grown. That said, mining stocks are worth considering. Soft commodities have performed well, and should rise a lot further in the long term.

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The real threat Ukraine poses to your portfolio

Markets have barely reacted to the crisis going on in Ukraine, says John Stepek. Should investors be more worried, or is there another threat?

This company’s high-tech wood could replace concrete, metals and plastic

The best wood for use in construction is also the most expensive. David Thornton looks at one small-cap that’s come up with a solution.

The death of King Coal

The UK coal industry once employed 1.2 million people. Now, two of the last three underground mines are about to close. What went wrong? Matthew Partridge investigates.

Chart of the week: Sugar high is wearing off

Rain has returned to Brazil following an unseasonally dry start to the year. That can mean only one thing for the price of sugar.

My silver plan

Bengt Saelensminde explains why the price of silver could be poised for take-off.

Invest in the 'free energy' revolution

Firms pioneering batteries for renewable energy could profit handsomely from the mass adoption of wind and solar. Dr Matthew Partridge tips the best shares to profit.

The next gold boom

A new bull market in gold could be on the way, says Simon Popple. And when it arrives, it’ll pay to know your history.

I see gold hitting $1,400 before long – but where to after that?

Gold won’t hit $2,000 an ounce any time soon, but it could break $1,400. And what it does this year could signal where it’s going in the longer term.

How you could profit from Latin America's energy crisis

Demand for power in Latin America is soaring. James McKeigue looks at how to invest as the continent upgrades its energy infrastructure.

Why Britain needs blackouts

This Plymouth-based energy company is using the experience it gained in European offshore wind to build a promising position in Latin America.

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