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Commodities: the MoneyWeek view

November 2014: Buy miners Commodities continue to drift down, but miners now look appealing. Agricultural commodities haven't done very well either. But their long-term trajectory should be upward. Play this trend with fertiliser and farm equipment stocks.

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Technology will dictate the future price of oil

The price of oil in the future won’t be decided by the supply of crude, says Merryn Somerset Webb. It’ll be technology.

Swiss gold referendum: A return to the gold standard

Swiss citizens are set to decide whether the central bank should be forced to increase its gold reserves. The prospect is making markets anxious. Why? Simon Wilson reports.

Cheer up! The plummeting price of oil is great news

The falling oil price is good for consumers and the global economy, and opens up some great opportunities for investors, says John Stepek.

You can’t predict the future. So how do you invest for it?

As the Ukraine crisis shows, investors can never be sure what’s around the corner. John Stepek explains one investment strategy that can give you peace of mind.

Gold and silver’s time will come again, but there’s more pain ahead for now

There has been carnage in the gold and silver markets. Dominic Frisby looks at how far the bear market has to go.

A perfect storm for the gold price

The gold price has suffered a steep decline as investors’ appetite for risk has risen.

A price battle in the oil market

The price of Brent crude has fallen to a four-year low following a price-cut from Saudi Arabia.

Gold price could benefit from Swiss vote

Switzerland is planning to vote on the country’s gold reserves. Dominic Frisby explains why the result could send the gold price soaring.

Bad news boosts the gold price

Market jitters have seen investors push the gold price higher.

How falling oil prices will affect Latin America

Many Latin American countries depend on oil exports for income, says James McKeigue. Falling crude prices could spell trouble ahead.

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