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Getting to grips with commodities

Merryn Somerset Webb explains the basics of commodities, including what counts as a commodity, why bother investing in them, and how to go about doing it.

What is geoengineering?

Andrew Lockley talks to D’Maris Coffman, a university professor working on the economics of geoengineering, about the radical steps we may have to take to tackle climate change.

The weak US dollar trade is still on – stick with gold

With little chance of higher US interest rates in the near future, the weak dollar trade is still on. John Stepek explains why, and the best way to profit.

Will oil’s latest rally last?

Last week, the price of oil edged above $50 a barrel. Will the trend continue, asks Andrew Van Sickle.

Chart of the week: a step-change in Indian oil demand growth

Rising demand is underpinning the rebound in oil prices. The most eye-catching rise has been in India, which according to the International Energy Agency has eclipsed China as the main growth market for oil.

Saudi Arabia feels the squeeze

The slide in the oil price has blown a hole in Saudi Arabia’s budget with the deficit reaching 15% of GDP last year.

We’ve seen the bottom for the oil price – time to invest

With the oil price hitting $50 a barrel, we may have seen the bottom. John Stepek explains why now might be a good time to buy in.

Can gold keep going up?

Gold has gained around a fifth in 2016 and is at its highest level in over a year. Can that continue?

Oil jumps as thirst for crude drains the glut

The bulls are back in force in the oil market as supply disruptions around the world reduce the global glut.

Chart of the week: The car metals’ comeback

Platinum and palladium, used in catalytic converters for diesel and petrol engines respectively, have come roaring back this year, and there is scope for more price rises.

The best precious metals trade for the next three years

Silver is set to outperform, says Dominic Frisby. It’s time to buy. It might take a few years to play out, but it’s a trade that could make you handsome profits.

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