Big data – the information revolution

'Big data' is the collection of vast amounts of information, and the use of powerful computers to make sense of it - and profit from it. It's something that will transform our lives, and something you'll hear a lot about in the next few years. And investors who get in early stand to make big profits.

The robots are coming

Automation is set to completely reshape the job market as technology becomes more sophisticated. But it’s not the low-skilled jobs the robots are after, says David Thornton.

The stocks to buy in the war for the internet

The internet is increasingly an extension of the battlefields of real life. Matthew Partridge explains how to back the good guys, and tips the best stocks to buy now.

How much is your personal data worth?

Companies now collect vast amounts of data about us. And we often forget how valuable that data is, says David Thornton. So shouldn’t we be seeing more of a return from it?

Here comes the second internet boom

The internet made millionaires of many, says Bengt Saelensminde. And the ‘internet of things’ will make many more vast fortunes.

Why has Google paid $3.2bn for smoke alarms and thermostats?

Google has shelled out billions to buy a smoke-alarm manufacturer, says David Thornton – for one very clever reason.

How to make money from talking toothbrushes and cloud computing

The ‘internet of things’ is developing fast. Soon, even your toothbrush will be connected to the cloud. Ed Bowsher looks at some of the best ways for you to profit.

The cloud is coming – here’s a way to profit

As the number of ‘connected’ devices we use continues to spiral, cloud computing is becoming increasingly important, says Bengt Saelensminde. Here’s how you can profit.

The penny share bull market is just getting going

We’re at the start of a bull market in small-cap shares, says David Thornton. Here, he looks at the sectors that he thinks will flourish in 2014 and beyond.

In Google and Apple’s labs, they’re inventing a new market

2014 could be the year of wearable computing. And there will be plenty of companies looking to profit, says David Thornton.

The problem with big data

The biggest problem with big data is making sense of it all, says David Thornton. Here, he looks at one small-cap firm that aims to profit by doing just that.

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