Bentley’s classy, old-money saloon

The Bentley Mulsanne, which was launched in 2010, is the stately home of cars, says in Giles Smith in The Sunday Times. “It is the ‘old money’ end of the company’s range, whatever trim level it comes in” (the Continental, by contrast, is “aimed at footballers and celebrity chefs”), and “nothing else Bentley makes these days says ‘Git orff my land!’ quite so loudly”.

The new Mulliner Driving Specification version of the car adds to that prestige with some “extra sporting vim and a few luxury top notes”. Its 6.75-litre, V8 engine “wafts the car through the air in the almost entire absence of road or wind noise”; and, although great fun to drive, it’s also great to be driven in – there’s so much room in the back that you “could take a decent head-clearing walk there after lunch”.

The new package will cost you £13,410 more, but that “really isn’t much extra to pay”, says AutoExpress – it’s an option worth choosing for the enhanced leather and knurled metal finishes inside, as well as the sport-tuned chassis.

The tweaks have improved driver appeal and, although no sports saloon, it “has more of an edge while retaining its supreme comfort and refinement. This is a must-have, and in the world of £200K cars, it’s good value” too.

Price: £239,310.
Engine: 6,752cc, V8, twin turbo.
Power: 506bhp @ 4,200rpm.
Top speed: 184mph. 0-62mph: 5.3 seconds.

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