The three-minute rant

Some of MoneyWeek's best investment experts express their views frankly in this entertaining series of three-minute videos.

How you could live to be 150

3 minute rant - Tom Bulford on why investors need to 'get their head around' biotechnology

Biotechnology is one of the most exciting investment stories on the planet today, says Tom Bulford. In this short video, he explains how the sector first caught his attention, and why now is such a good time to invest in this fascinating area of the markets.

Simon Caufield: Why value investing works

Simon Caufield 3 minute rant

True Value’s Simon Caufield didn’t trust the financial services industry to make money for him, so he decided to take control of his own investments. And it’s proved a remarkable success. Here, he discusses the joys of being a value investor, why it works, and how it enables him to sleep easily at night.

'The conspiracy against private investors'

3-minute rant - Tom Bulford

Every year, we needlessly pay fund managers around £7.3bn to control our money. Why? It’s time to take your investments into your own hands, says Tom Bulford.

'Why 95% of investors lose money'

3-minute rant - Stephen Bland

Why do so few private investors make money in shares? Stephen Bland reckons he has the answer. In this video, Stephen explains exactly why so many private investors go wrong. And he points to “the only reliable way to build your wealth over time”.